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    First for the first time


      Seems like a good series, looking forward for other players that break the game with 1 hero

      Your Dad's Dildo

        The topson diffusal gyro in TI9 was honestly sick

        Master Roshi

          boring post


            faceless void deserves a mention.

            too hard to balance too


              Man, Aggressif and XBOCT, both classic aggro carries.

              Special mention to Aggressif's PL, dude was insanely manly on that hero.

              one-side lover

                Awesome post! pls keep this going

                mode: malady

                  Awesome stuff!

                  YOURSELF samurai champloo...



                      Very nice read! Some honorable mentions I've missed was prob, Mushi's AM, Arteezy's TB, K1's Wraith King and Ame's pos 1 Axe.

                      帕格将军[General Mops] ka le

                        Раз рапирка, два рапирка. Александр Юрьевич одобряет

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