Najwyższa nagroda pieniężna
The International 2018The International 2018$19,915,528 ($18,315,528 wsparto)
The International 2015The International 2015$18,429,613 ($16,829,613 wsparto)
Dota 2 Asia Championship 2015Dota 2 Asia Championship 2015$3,073,451 ($2,823,451 wsparto)
The Frankfurt Major 2015The Frankfurt Major 2015$3,000,000
The Boston Major 2016The Boston Major 2016$3,000,000
The International 2013The International 2013$2,874,380 ($1,274,380 wsparto)
DreamLeague season 8DreamLeague season 8$1,000,000 ($1,000,000 wsparto)
MDL ChangshaMDL Changsha$1,000,000
ESL One Birmingham 2018 powered by IntelESL One Birmingham 2018 powered by Intel$1,000,000
i League Season 3i League Season 3$427,002 ($114,502 wsparto)
ESL One Frankfurt 2016ESL One Frankfurt 2016$314,545 ($64,545 wsparto)
i leaguei league$311,652 ($119,652 wsparto)
The Summit 2The Summit 2$310,912 ($210,912 wsparto)
SL i-League Invitational Season 3SL i-League Invitational Season 3$300,000 ($300,000 wsparto)
PGL DOTA2 OPENPGL DOTA2 OPEN$300,000 ($300,000 wsparto)
AMD SAPPHIRE Dota PITAMD SAPPHIRE Dota PIT$300,000 ($300,000 wsparto)
Dota Summit 8Dota Summit 8$300,000
GESC: IndonesiaGESC: Indonesia$300,000
GESC: ThailandGESC: Thailand$300,000
ESL One at New York Super WeekESL One at New York Super Week$287,849 ($37,849 wsparto)
MLG World Finals 2015MLG World Finals 2015$286,894 ($26,455 wsparto)
2015 MarsTV Dota 2 League2015 MarsTV Dota 2 League$277,668 ($7,668 wsparto)
DotaCinema Presents the XMG Captains Draft 2.0DotaCinema Presents the XMG Captains Draft 2.0$276,742 ($226,742 wsparto)
The Summit 3The Summit 3$271,685 ($171,685 wsparto)
ASUS ROG DreamLeague Season 1ASUS ROG DreamLeague Season 1$265,112 ($165,112 wsparto)
SLTV Star Series Season 9SLTV Star Series Season 9$230,130 ($150,130 wsparto)
Nanyang Championships Season 2Nanyang Championships Season 2$201,508 ($1,508 wsparto)
joinDOTA MLG Pro League Season 2 BundlejoinDOTA MLG Pro League Season 2 Bundle$167,649 ($92,649 wsparto)

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