Top Carries in 7.28By Duality on

When 7.28 and the subsequent patches hit Dota, a lot of the uber powerful carry heroes faded from the meta. With heroes like Sven, Faceless Void, Spectre and Lifestealler getting nerfs the path has opened up for several new carries to enter the meta. Perhaps more importantly than the nerfs is the acceleration of the game. A lot of cheesy heroes have become more popular and Necronomicon and Helm of Dominator have been buffed again. This means it is a lot more important for the carry to be able to fight earlier and to be more self sufficient to allow for the rest of its team to run around the map making plays.

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Top Offlaners in 7.28By KawaiiSocks on

Perhaps it is premature to call the current meta settled, and perhaps there will be more balance patches in the nearest future, but today we would like to discuss the best offlaners in the game right now. As previously, we will concentrate on pub meta statistics and what works in the higher-level skill brackets.

Mirana as a Core in 7.28By Kungpaokenny on

The new 7.28 patch has brought a new layer of complexity and experimentation to Dota 2 in the form of Aghanim’s Shards. The introduction of Shards has allowed new strategies and builds to be more viable. One of the newest strategies to come out of the woodwork is playing Mirana in a core position. Let's take a closer look.

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Top Supports in 7.28a By Duality on

The new meta has begun to take shape in Dota now that we are several weeks removed from patch 7.28. With the DPC qualifiers in full swing, there is also a growing pool of data about what the pros are prioritizing. In some ways, the meta is quite similar to patch 7.27 but there are quite a few important heroes to pay attention to. Here is what we have seen so far in the support pool of 7.28a.

Riki is Creeping into MetaBy KawaiiSocks on

Very few heroes received direct buffs in the last patch, and Riki was one of them. In a true assassin fashion, he slipped into the meta unnoticed and is now among the top tier picks across all skill brackets. Today, we would like to have a look at why exactly the hero got so much better and discuss some common strategies for dealing with him.

Dota 2 Resolutions for 2021By DotabuffTeam on

The start of a new year is the perfect time to reconnect with our goals for Dota 2. Whether it's achieving a new tier of play in ranked, finding the fun of the game again, or maybe finally learning how to micro well, Dota 2's depth means there's always something more for its players to reach toward.

Analyzing 7.28: Professional TrendsBy KawaiiSocks on

Most big tournaments were already over before the patch hit, but there are still some ongoing competitions we would like to quickly analyze. After all, professional players are almost always a step or two ahead of everyone.

Analyzing 7.28: Hero ChangesBy Duality on

It has been a couple of weeks since 7.28 dropped a whole bunch of changes on us. While there were no earth shattering changes to the core game or even the carry-centric meta of Dota, quite a few heroes had their fortunes changed.

Analyzing 7.28: ItemsBy KawaiiSocks on

The new patch was surprisingly tame when it comes to hero balance changes, but it is more than understandable. New items are already doing a lot of work to shake up the meta and today we would like to concentrate on the most interesting and impactful items in the new patch.

Patch 7.28 First TakesBy Duality and KawaiiSocks on

The new patch is finally here and it looks deceptively tame. We are still gathering data on which heroes are overpowered and which items are the new Monkey King Bar, so today we are simply discussing our first impressions regarding the patch.

Biggest Win Rate Discrepancies Between Brackets: Part 2By KawaiiSocks on

Last week, we talked about how some heroes are considerably weaker in lower level pubs and discussed what skills newer players might lack that prevent them from making them work. Today, we go the opposite direction: we are going to have a look at heroes who overperform in lower level brackets but lose some of their prowess in Divine+ games. Theoretically, it should give us some insight into what skills all players have to develop when their rank increases.

Bloodseeker in the OfflaneBy Kungpaokenny on

Bloodseeker is one of Dota’s oldest heroes and has gone through several changes over the years. As of late, he has been in a state of flux, not being favored in the competitive scene. However, this patch has brought on a new way to play Bloodseeker — in the offlane. In this article, we present a basic guide on running this hero in the offlane, why it is viable, and what skill builds you should go in order to reinvent an older hero that has lost his luster.

Biggest Win Rate Discrepancies Between BracketsBy KawaiiSocks on

When writing our articles we frequently talk about specific skill brackets, most often referring to Divine+ games, which most closely resemble the professional scene. This approach often leads to discussions about how lower MMR games typically last too long and how tempo heroes who rely on precise timings are not a particularly good fit in average pubs. This isn’t new and it’s been discussed multiple times already, so today we want to have a look at heroes who are not necessarily hard to execute, who don’t rely on being fast and finishing early and who, for some reason, continue to be underwhelming in games below Ancient level.

Three Most Important Heroes in Dota 2By Duality on

Dota players like to throw around the word “meta” a lot. We talk about the shifting meta and how this or that pro team is really setting it for everyone else. The missing piece to this discussion. in my opinion. is the subject of the meta itself, the heroes. Dota has been through many cycles of heroes being strong, falling out of favor, and then returning to prominence years later. I think in a lot of cases the meta can boil down to just a few heroes that really dictate what gets picked. If a hero is strong, naturally you want to pick heroes that counter that strength while playing against it or enhance that strength playing alongside it. This creates a fairly predictable pattern of events that leads to counters to those counters or enablers being picked, and we end up with a full pool of heroes that are deemed viable in most games. I want to highlight three heroes that I think most often set off this chain of events that creates “the meta.”

Underrated Heroes of the Current PatchBy KawaiiSocks on

It might look weird to start a discussion on the underrated heroes of the current patch when the new patch is coming sometime soon, however, there is a reason for it. Quite frequently, when a hero gets some small buffs, it is not because of his actual power level, but rather because of his popularity. These small buffs are less of an attempt to make a weak hero more viable, but rather an additional reason for players to notice and play an already viable hero. Today we are going to discuss three such heroes, who are already quite good and who might get even better in the next patch.

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