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    dark seer




        I want to see some Pudge Techies


          ахахахах пацани сравнити первие спели урси и брюлека ахаазххахах боланс мда ойсфрок


            Liquid Gh. btw hehe

            THE YEAR 2020

              Visage or Enigma. Feel like I never see these heroes anymore.


                пасани слыште а кокой сидар лучшы стронхбоу иле два хуся

                Ser Pounce

                  A hero not being in the meta for 3 months = "It's forgotten" ? Oh well. Rip all those niche picks heroes, forever forgotten.

                  Key to Yennefer's Room

                    that had to be one of the worst plays to highlight Rubick lmao, that was a play of bristle doing bristle things

                    Dark Hunter

                      Haven't seen any decent Enigma runs in pro dota the past few patches :/ they really nerfed my boy


                        what about SVEN?


                          Please don’t bring gyro back. Every game. Boring


                            gyro wd safe lane is pretty legit


                              SF would be pretty obvious


                                I've seen those enough. I would love to see more sven, jugg, phantom assassin

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                                  Pat me

                                    Enigma so sucks right now, a hard earned good blackhole is harder to pay off due to the magic damage change, early laning phase is hell because eidolons so sucks, at least increase the damage if they want to make it so squishy and slow at lvl 1

                                    EU SAI DA LOW roCK.C1tY

                                      EARTH SPIRIT PLZ


                                        Mind control continues da control

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