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♏ikeeCS ツ

    EG vs OG!!!
    Fly vs NoTail hahaaha

    TAW | Snoopy.Pos4

      Yay! OG now win this!

      Articulatio Atlantooccipital

        EG vs OG was pretty intense. 2 equally powerful team with many mistake and things.

        Sleight of My Fist In You...

          i think that bit about liquid and lgd doesnt do lgd any justice...liquid got crushed like a packet of chips in both games. They were completely outdrafted and outplayed in both and they really need to think about how they got the draft so wrong in both games. They were totally smashed and wont be winning another game with a draft and performance like that one.

          LGD are pretty much the firm favorites in my mind after that performance and double shit fest of drafting from kuro.

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            Sleight of fist is correct the article is a little misleading. Liquid got stomped plain and simple. Also I think EG vs OG games 2 & 3 were the best games of the tournament in terms of being competitive.


              i'm sad how you missed the mind game OG did in game 3 and feeding ana+jerax to EG and drag them to fight into their shrine with buybacks and EG had none. they lost game at that very moment.


                The fly and n0tail handshake...

                e^(2*pi*i) with nature

                  I think the Team Liquide vs LGD paragraph is a pretty accurate account of the game.

                  Yes, Game 2 was an outdraft and play as presented.

                  Game 1 was pretty balanced for the most part. TL won the early game on the lanes and lost some ground during the mid game due to high magic damage output from Lesh and Gyro. To be honest a 6k gold lead after 25 min for LGD is not that much (pretty much one good team fight). LGD managed to capitalize on the team fight top at the tier 2 tower (with no Buybacks for Liqude) which won them the game, but it was by no means a stomp.

                  TL didn't perform up to their standards (looking at the 2 games vs EG for example where they didn't gave EG any chance).

                  Oh and is it just me or are we going to repeat TI7 now? TL knocked down to the lower bracket by a Chinese Team ... will go up against VP in the lower Bracket ... and claw their way to the finals vs a Chinese Team. (Just saying you Chinese Fanboys XD)