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    thanks for making these predictions, i dont have so much clue/knowledge about pro play but i want to earn some pts :D


      Nice article


        I doubt Meepo will see 5 games played. People know who the Meepo teams are, they’re either going to show a draft which is anti-Meepo, or straight up ban him.

        one exit-suicide.

          edit please, where there are fewer deaths on average, the hero PL is rooked


            ""but it will be enough to convince half the Dota community that first pick Anti-Mage is a good idea.""

            Ruddy brilliant stab at all the low level players out there who are trying to learn!


              Nice description of HERO WITH HIGHEST XPM AVERAGE


                most banned dark willow mb?


                  I liked the highest xpm section, concise and to the point :D

                  Mr. Poopybutthole

                    U missed spirit breaker as the hero with most assist overall
                    And broodmother on lowest dead
                    And summit 9 is the most worthless tournament to base predictions on literally the smallest which u did anyway


                      @EtdAwesome, if meepo gets 5 games, bet seems safe. if meepo doesn't get 5 games, who do you pick?
                      There are a ton of hero that can get a high xpm.
                      So lack of better choices, i go with meepo, hoping he gets 5 games, and decent xpm even in losing ones.


                        Hmm meepo is op this patch, he can also work against axe or something.


                          is there any team play Meepo besides Secret and Fnatic? i doubt he will be played 5 times tho

                          Alluvion Oración

                            For xpm i will guess storm spirit since he's more reliable than meepo for picks and one of my personal highest xpm
                            Ban will be very diverse and they said phoenix worthy of a ban.
                            Assist is very diverse (usually supports who can cast long range and have less damaging spell). I personally go for either disruptor or SB
                            Lowest death will probably morphling, especially rtz's and miracle's
                            For winrate, my best hope probably visage considering 33's visage and w33's visage


                              Good choice on assist but I think pos 4 Zeus or core Zeus for the most kills would be ideal as well..


                                Highest XPM is definetely weaver with his 35% XP gain talent on lvl 10.

                                Vacuum Butt Cannon

                                  @ AYAYA CLAP
                                  almost nobody goes for the xp talent for weaver. Mana Break too good




                                      veri interestinga (no)

                                      Good Player



                                          And for fantasy?

                                          Mb Tomorrow

                                            thanks <3

                                            █████████ المريض ™

                                              I think zeus is worth considered as highest assist avg, huge aoe of static field and ofcourse the ult. in a teamfight. Instant 5 Assist each full teamfight.

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