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Fear he who fears not




      good guy artour

        Ns is still a monster in pubs


          Ns is still good because he is fucking annoying xdxd

          Amygdala Hippocampus

            Night stalker will always be a problem whenever night times come. 1800 vision in the night, verastile as both offlane and roamer with many choice of item (midas and basher, armlet and echo, urn and tranquil, etc.), absurd 8 second silence and 4 second slow and since 7.06 he can fly now. There are ways to nerf this dude
            1. Introduce "reverse night stalker". The one who can turn night into days. Phoenix already have that which is minor nerf since his bonus attack speed is gone which is important to break phoenix eggs. (Potential hero might be KotL by making his ulti active with aghanim scepter turning night into day with less duration but still useful)
            2. Change how his ulti works since 40 second nightime is pretty absurd with 80 second cd. Even with heroes that benefits in night time gets countered due to vision reduction.
            3. No matter how powerful NS is, his ability can be countered with a simple eul, lotus orb or guardian greaves. Although his passive only active in night, break can be good to protect some "wards" such as tombstone, nether ward, serpent ward etc. Unless NS himself build a nulifier or scythe of vyse, these are your best option and can be a good nerf.
            Unless we want this dude to go back to void demon (5 second stun, 600 AoE degen aura, quake for slow and pushing and mass haste), night stalker still in need of a nerf

            Edit : i forgot to mention manta style and bkb. Linken sphere only prevent one of those ability. The only way to beat NS is either outnumber him (PL, Brood, CK etc.) or outmanuver him (Tide, BS, Huskar, etc.) or if possible both (Meepo and Lycan is the prime example)

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              all about vision gaming

              Librock Games

                Buff lycan


                  ns is defo not op, not sure why there’s so much hate on him... he needs buffs rather than nerfs actually...

                  ARTIFACT = AWESOME

                    ^^ this guy clearly doesn't hasn't seen a single pro game since months. NS is fucking strong. maybe you just can't play him lmao.


                      ns still op


                        yea, lycan needs a buff, they nerfed him lil bit past few patches.


                          I wanna suggest that Lycan's winrate decreased substantially because we're also seeing more Bloodseekers in our pubs.

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                          JUSTICE TROOPER
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                              Past 25 mins, NS become useless and he is a silence bot, plus he is useless in teamfight. If you don't make the difference early you'll have a useless p4/p3 later in the game

                              Librock Games

                                Bloodseeker is not the problem. The problem is every patch the base gets harder to kill. Buildings get more regen and more health. Glyph shouldn't be reset after T1 kill.

                                Lycan is on a timer and it's really hard to hit that timer now.

                                El Caruzo del Dota...

                                  nightstalker is mid yourwelcome

                                  Suck my tiny curry dick

                                    nightstalker is jungle yourwelcome

                                    Itachi Uchiha

                                      2K with a persuasion of ns's nerfs((


                                        NS is still good. In some way, he might be more dangerous now, in the sense that people may see him as hit by the nerf hammer, and will thus underestimate him


                                          no gyro ?


                                            the game is all about laning right now. NS being bad at teamfights is balanced by the fact that he wins his lane so hard. If you're 4-5 levels and a few thousand gold ahead of enemy supports, your hero being a bad team fighter isn't going to matter as much during teamfights. Therefore the hero is still very strong.

                                            3 or 4

                                              RIP necro


                                                The fuck did I just read