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Moffle Pendragon

    spectre daily user here, farming is hard, ganking is also hard when enemy stick. i usually just skip radiance and straight manta. i will be getting a 1 sure kill in every haunt before running away leaving my team getting slaughtered. she's getting nerf badly after arcana, and they keep nerfing her.


      Pudge & Marci


        Jugg needs some buff for sure

        Althotas Thoth Hermes

          Your issue is buying Radiance and Blademail on Spectre. Neither of those help you hunt Sniper or Zeus. Go Diffusal, without Haunt Radiance is not even good.


            i'd pick _____ here.

            Il Separatio

              Sorry for the ignorance: "The changes to the amount of HP granted by Strength isn’t something we disagree with, as it leads to a more fun back and forth in fights, but it does make heroes reliant on deleting a target at the start of the fight very underwhelming"
              I don't get it:3


                Based on what I read in the wiki, they increased HP per Strength from 20 to 22 in the 7.33 "New Frontiers" update where they added Universal heroes, expanded the map, etc. I'm presuming that's what the author meant?


                  Yeah. I feel like this patch is being dictated by survivability first and foremost. We just went from a Shiva's to a Heart to and Eternal Shorud Meta and one of the better offensive options in the game is freaking Khanda that gives ~400 HP. On one hand it is cool that there is more time to interact (higher TTK) with targets. On the other, some heroes just feel bad to play

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                      Jugg is not too bad tbh

                      Il Separatio

                        @KawaiiSocks What does "TTK" mean? :3


                          "Time to Kill". It is mostly a shooter term, but I think it applies to Dota as well.


                            Terrorblade? Poor guy had his support period, but he is not a viable carry for ages with winrate among the lowest of all for quite some time.


                              I disagree with the Jugger part, I think this little improvement can turn into an OP hero. Only if the buff was very much discreet.
                              I would put CK in his place, this one was nerfed so much that it was practically banned from the game.


                                >Spectre having less than 55% win rate for 5 seconds


                                  @pixelgoo we all have our favourites)


                                    Drow could use a buff, I believe she was uncontested during the last three or so tournaments.

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                                      offlane 零(dog)

                                        Not a spec buff #blessrng. I wanted to puke watching last ti with Spectre,Ck and other carries like this cause they are so fucking boring


                                          DB тоже требуется Баф


                                            adding a basic dispel after spinning would be good on jugg