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Cicida (5)

    Position 5 main and I'm returning after about 2 years hiatus so I missed a lot of changes

    Anyone got some things that make him have the edge he used to have? He's not as strong as when I last played and it's not really working out in my pub matches
    I'm in immortal/divine 5 tier so that makes the equation harder
    Seems that they nerfed him so much because now, you have to be melee range to sleep and no cast range talent means you can't have a power spike where you can stay out of fights and still participate

    Some lanes just totally body me and can't really think of ways to change that other than never even trying to harass/trade in the first place
    Also falls off big time in mid game because of how much disruptive abilities and items there are now.
    Makes me just want to main undying or treant 5 or something. But then I'd probably be better off playing Marci and losing all dignity

    Cheers in advance.