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    Hey guys , anyone know what is this pool??
    Thanks in advance

    AD.GokU™ |

      Something you can blame when you are on a losing streak to feel better.


        But imnt on lose streak, but i keep searching for over 40 min (searching in 3 servers / 10k behavior score)😂 xD


          Maybe because you are smurfing


            What Ad. Goku said.

            It doesnt exist


              It's what happens when you get shitlisted by the matchmaking system. Literally impossible games with griefers and account buyers/smurfs. In my experience it lasts for around 20 games unless you keep getting reported.

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                    swimming pool

                    LOST 1K MMR TO HIDDEN POOL

                      hidden pool is that thing where it takes half an hour to find a game only to have people abandoning, griefing and feeding to the point that u tilt too and add fuel to the fire so magically from being a 4k player u find urself having to repeatedly lose in almost 2k. thank christ my addiction to this worthless game is gone, it literally changed my daily life