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Archon = brainless


    We had a drunk pos 5 oracle, I was pos 4 lion, vs a smufing brood with over 80% winrate on his account. Because of a bug with the game coordinator nobody in my team was able to avoid list him. This is so common in NA as well, people playing ranked high/drunk. It happens in at least 25% of games.


      Dont say that before you played in other servers

      Archon = brainless

        @GETTINGGOOD I have played in EU and SEA servers with friends in party q. I agree SEA is more toxic, and EU has more smurfs/account buyers. The problem I'm mainly annoyed with is people playing ranked drunk/high


          That Brood only has 50% winrate on his account. He might be smurfing, but I am sure Brood isn't his main hero.