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    Which is better to harass pos 3 or pos 4 ?

    When should i leave the lane and lastly is it better to play rank roles or classic?

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    AD.GokU™ |

      If you plan to play support only, then ranked roles is a better choice.
      The chances of 2 idiots fighting for mid is low.

      Which is better to harass pos 3 or pos 4 ?

      Depends on the hero, their inventory.
      Most cases just get a long range support and right click the shit out of both without pulling aggro. Don't be the support who pulls the whole creep aggro for landing 2 right clicks on the enemy. Apart from that it's just improvisation during the game based on situation.
      Your main priority is to ensure that your safelaner has a good lane. You can improve on this part only by analysing your own games.

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