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tikus arab

    Why is Void Spirit so 2nd skill counter disruptor glimpse?
    OD imprison doesn't cancel glimpse
    Puck phase shift doesnt cancel glimpse
    Why void spirit 2nd skill cancel glimpse? can someone tell me if this is intentional or bug


      Both OD's W and Puck's Phase Shift do work on Glimpse

      what the fuck are you talking about

      Chicken Wings

        Even euls, phantasm, doppleganger and anything that keeps you invulnerable for a second


          Literally any banish works on glimpse...


            u can even manta glimpse


              you can even sand king stun dodge glimpse. U can use naga to 1st spell to dodge glimplse and so on. YOu just have to time it perfectly.
              This is like why when I use X mark on kunkka and the person euls it cancel my X.

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