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Wraith King MID or not to mid? in General Discussion

    I had this desire to go WK mid but havent yet done it. Any experience about WK mid?


      We should wait 110 exact the same threads from you?
      Dude do whatever you want experiment are cool becouse you learn the game whit openmind.
      But they are just for fun and experience, you wont go far playng wk mid or sniper 5


        This is not any joke WK mid might be really good. 1vs1 situations WK is not so weak hero imho


          I tried it a few months back before the crit was changed from instakill. It can work in the right circumstances. For example, if you pick WK then see a hero such as enchantress who has long range is picked, don't go mid. If there is a tinker, definitely don't go mid. It's all about who you lane against, if its a hero who harasses' a lot then don't go mid. Otherwise, knock yourself out. :)


            How it worked for u? U had WK mid vs whom and did u win or lose there?

            I tried to search your game from your profile but some reason its not found


              Please dont ruin other ppl games by doing stupid stuff, and stop making stupid thread


                Wraith King mid can work. He has quite high right click damage and he has lifesteal. He is basically similar on the lane as Bloodseeker. A durable melee hero that you will have trouble pushing back. And the stun and the skellies equals a lot of damage. I did play against a smurf who did this and it was quite hard. Especially after WK got the Blink Dagger. Farm up the skeletons, blink cast skeletons and stun and a couple of hits equals a lot of damage... It is not all that bad.

                And if you want to play WK, you should do it now... When the big patch hits, he is going to go down. He is way too versatile and easy to play at the moment to sustain all his abilities.

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                  Yeah WK might work mid. I have ganked mid a lot with WK but im not mid player so going mid is new to me. WK ganking mid with skellies is pretty good so playing mid might work aswell if i train it a bit

                  eXtra Large

                    Absolutely not. Most mids go mid because they need levels to hit a power spike. WK has a very linear progression with no clear spikes (even his level 6 doesn't make him any more powerful in anyway whatsoever, in fact, at level 6 his ultimate is kind of worthless in terms of power spiking). He's also outplayed by pretty much every mid aside from a collection of situational picks.

                    He excels when used with a laning partner.


                      The hero feels sub decent at lane I always kick him out when enemy picks WK offlane and they end up jungling instead. How can he outplay usual mids like Clinkz? (I'd rather have a pudge mid with a 10% kill potential on enemy mid instead)

                      I dare you to play Dazzle/Oracle Mid

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                        Good or bad vs usual midlers :
                        GOOD : I HAVE NO DIEA MAYBE SF?


                          Yeah maybe i stick to gank mid but not play mid WK

                          eXtra Large

                            WK fills ANY role except mid.

                            Jack Attack

                              Ck mid is more worthy. Also bloodseeker lycan tiny Magnus dk if you're trying melee heroes.

                              U still have like 90 more support sniper games to go.

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                                @.eXceL Yeah I have done all roles as WK but not mid.

                                @Jack Attack WK mid is only thing not to done with WK. Yeah support sniper have loss streak and there is chance to get low prio if losing continues so maybe I need many projects and pick support sniper only when it might have chance to work

                                Your Team Mate

                                  The entirety of dota 2 slept on CK mid when it was good, in fact most of dota 2 sleeps on hero's when they first become good.

                                  Example: bloodseeker gets talents: 30% lifesteal, 350 HP, bonus dmg, more thirst dmg, he was a lot stronger than he is now, but nobody played him cause people where still going treads blademail and shitty items. It wasn't until people started running different Items on him that he became meta and got nerfed. Pros picked him up only after he first got nerfed to 25% lifesteal.

                                  Example: CK was disgustingly powerful before his rework... HE had 500 dmg in nukes at lvl 4.... his early snowball potential was wild, but people didnt really play him

                                  I ran CK mid with 95% winrate over 30 games in 4k mmr back then, nobody else was playing it, but at lvl 4 500 burst dmg and 2 second stun with 80 attack hits and 310 base move speed..., he literally killed any single mid hero at lvl 3-4 without even dieing, nobody realized it

                                  CK mid sucks now lol, reality rift without the bonus dmg doesn't do alot but before you could reality rift, stun and hit for 500 dmg from 700 range, leaving them stunned for 2 seconds at lvl 4.

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                                    Yeah Pioneer!

                                    El Psy Congroo

                                      Yes next level spectre mid


                                        if you want to play a hero worse than dk then sure lol,it could probably work vs tiny mid or smth


                                          WK have skeletons now which make him very powerful 1vs1.

                                          I have ganked mid with WK skeletons and it was pretty good so I tough playing mid WK might work but if u have tried it and it doesn't work i'm fine for the info and wont bother to train WK mid