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    How about "grab ally" on an already broken hero, ability needs to be removed.


      I'd like to see a change to universal heroes where their highest attribute grants 0.8 damage and the other two grant 0.5. That would give them the 1.8 damage from an iron branch rather than the 2.1 they get now.

      More importantly though it'd encourage universal heroes to focus on one stat more than the others, bringing them more in line with other heroes.

      gus gus

        Legion Commander?


          Honorable mention: Vanguard when you get vanguard even against 2 magic heroes you are immortal...

          Joey Rambo

            By "grab ally" are you referring to Tombstone?


              dont u fucking dare touch my clockwerk

              gus gus

                Clock doesn't need to be nerfed he's underpowered

                Tarog Skwela Undangi Nang...

                  Clock is unemployed why you want to hurt him. He is only taking side hustles but he do it perfectly.


                    Good job pointing out Medusal


                      Last I looked, Legion Commander has 6 heroes that she doesn't have a >50% win rate against and many of them are 55%+
                      She's extremely popular for a reason and she's not universal. Part of her strength might be her scaling or her new QOL changes, but she's definitely a dominating force in most brackets.

                      Пісяти і Спати

                        Clockwerk is meh, real cancer is Legion Commander.

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                        El Peor Apoyo

                          I like the first two but mentioning Clock not mentioning Undying seems a little off

                          zenix | ♡W+M1♡


                            Luna The Cat

                              Nobody here talking about Timbersaw? His only weakness was Magic damage, but now with the LVL 20 Magic resistance talent + Pipe + Passive Base Magic resistance increase from Intelligence, puts the hero around ~60% magic resistance. Very OSFROG.


                                Almost every hero is broken if it’s in the right hand. It all depends on the way they play and the line up of heroes in their own team and opponent’s team – even Lion and Crystal Maiden can be broken if it’s in the right hand. 🤷🏻‍♂️

                                Some combos are indeed too difficult to handle, they need to build the right item to break the play, or some they’re just totally unstoppable due to lacking of the right hero in the line up against them or simply lacking the right items to break their play.

                                Medusa is just one easy example of how easily a hero can be broken in pubs, it’s fast farming, its lane presence is strong due to its Mystic Snake, and its upgrade with Aghanim Scepter is OP and can be a real pain during team fights.

                                Timbersaw is annoying in the laning phase through midgame if you don’t have its counter in your line up, but by midgame once your team can complete a Silver Edge + Spirit Vessel + Basher or SoV, its threat is minimized to its mere annoyance in team fights which it can be killed easily once focused down with Silver Edge – the fact remains that Timber is not a hero that can fast finish anyone.

                                Warlock’s Upheaval requires some good strategy play to break it, and don’t forget, bring detection too.

                                Clockwerk is easily countered with Force Staff and how to position yourself if you’re a squishy Support or ranger Core, like Sniper or Drow Ranger. Playing against heroes like Clockwerk or Pudge dewarding is important, and always remember to hide before team fights, don’t show in map until Clockwerk has no choice but to target someone else, preferably a tank – “baiting play” is part of the plan then.

                                Every hero has its counter, just need to figure it out – either by itemization or by some change of strategy into the play.

                                Indeed it’s much easier if we can decide our picks during draft, but in pubs, some ignorant players are there just to play a hero they want and don’t really care about winning or to counter pick anything during drafting stage.

                                Often the main reason of frustration is the attitude of some ignorant teammates, and not the OPness of any enemy hero. In fact, playing against the OPness of any enemy hero and going through the process of figuring out the strategy as a team is the fun part (provided you have a good team).

                                Everything has its counter in DotA, we just need to figure it out.

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                                  ^of course almost every hero is broken in crusader when in the right hands, but we talking about actual dota


                                    medusa mana shield untouched? :huh:


                                      А что clockwerk сделал? Вроде сбалансированный