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    Meteor hammer seems to have made some stunning offlane heroes even more popular now, but I don’t like how a lot of players now change their playstyle on those heroes just bcos of that item, it’s like they build their hero for the item instead of building the item to supplement the hero.

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        A lot of generally weaker earlygame offlaners feel better now because of Meteor Hammer.
        Where Lycan is super strong is early to midgame, but unless he's against a bad matchup he falls off lategame.
        Heroes like Sand King or Tidehunter now can supplement weak earlygame with 1 item and that can help them survive into lategame where they are teamfight beasts.


          Funny to see Dark Seer on this list. I picked him up a while ago and have had quite the success with 68% winrate over 70+ games, pretty much boosting me from Guardian to Crusader. His presence in pub games seem to shake up the draft and the added benefit of picking a not so popular hero grants alot of advantage on unsuspecting opponents. He is quite the flame attractor though, in losing scenarios. I have to add that I find him more effective in position 4 lately, since it makes way for a 'normal' offlaner with the downside of losing the usual 4 spot.


            just pick hero with good set up with Meteor Hammer and voila u are a good offlaner


              Can you make one talking about Hard Supports please? 🙏

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                Pls illuminate Oracle with your bright lights