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    Techies + Riki = EMOTIONAL DAMAGE!


      Huskar support. I think it is doable

      Skadi doesnt know

        Tinker support, 2 rockets, one for each of opponents

        Terrorblade to swap hp with your HC in trouble, Mirror image end game kicks in value

        PA support to slow from far occasionally comitting to break and blinking back

        jugg to heal teammates and spin lvl 1 to 3 to win lane

        LS to trade early with attack speed and healing, then infesting your HC with vlads providing HP and aura

        Doom 5 to provide aura lvl 1 and dooming

        Let the revolution begin my friends

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          Unconventional Mids?

          Il Separatio

            What do you mean with "In our opinion, there are still games for a support Sven to appear in, but unlike Riki, you don’t get to choose them" on the Sven section?

            Deaf, Mute & Blind

              I loved the second part of this article... support Sven is very good but we do not recommend it. :)))


                @Gyro — Riki support is about synergy with allies, something you can theoretically control at all times. Sven support is about good enemy matchups, something you don't really get to control as a first phase and sometimes even second phase pick


                  >PA support to slow from far occasionally comitting to break and blinking back

                  You joke, but I remember a patch where Pos 4 PA was a popular thing until they nerfed dagger mana costs.


                    Yaa. I once play Doom 5 with 4 strangers and well... We really hard lose a lane but after my blink we straith up started beating them. And won under 34 min. Check it out