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    No Death Prophet?


      I dunno man, I've been have Death Prophet stomp my pubs for a month.


        The Meta seems to be quite thick at the moment. There are several good heroes for each lane and role and there is no clear cut #1 heroes. Or at least not as clear cut number ones that have been there in the past. Basically, apart from the Primal Beast, there seems to be very few "broken" heroes at the moment. The game is very draft dependent now, which is very good... I wonder if we get a new patch now that the pro tour is over again, prior to the Battlepass release...




            I miss the days of pudge mid


              To anybody thinking Death Prophet is missing from this list, one of her strengths right now is being able to flex between 3-4 roles. This makes her strong in a captain's mode setting, but rarely applies to her effectiveness as a position 2 in pubs. On top of that, it can take a great degree of coordination to gather a team around you whenever your ultimate is off cooldown. Whenever her ultimate is on cooldown, she also struggles to provide presence to the map.