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    Nice article.


      OG takes it with the power of friendship


        Let's go T1 Oppas!


          OG wont win sh1t


            It would be nice to see RTZ with aegis ;)

            Alex Turner

              TI6, 8 - No one highly rated Wings and OG, but they won it eventually.

              MANGA LOVER

                nice article

                Huge Key

                  wow didnt include OG? What a joke of an article.

                  for the love of god

                    I feel like IG has a pretty high chance for top 3.

                    CD | Pussssshhhhhhhherrrr

                      OG - the power of sympathy speech and sentimental stories.


                        EG will never win. It is fly's curse for turning back on a friend just for the sake of fame and money.


                          I'm praying for no more chinese winners. Cocky chinese people shouldn't steal anymore TI trophy from us.


                            Nigmaaaaaa? eh? eh? :(

                            Sherlock The Border Collie

                              No more Chinese winners, nobody likes them... except for chinese people lol

                              Marry me

                                Where is NAVI?!!?