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    Great article

    Siberian Frontier

      Those who play meta heroes to rank up shall be doomed to lose.

      yb is lit

        The problem is CK's illusions take too much dmg. One nuke and they are dead

        John F. Kurniadi

          Yeah, I tried spam CK to grinding.

          Sorry about the carpet

            I'm keeping my eye on Slark. I think He could be a sleeper powerhouse given the rise of big carrys.


              i agree slark has nice late game potential with shards


                Huskar's still really strong right now...

                nEthan The Professional

                  i get almost 300 mmr as offlane in 2k,3k mmr


                    I'm surprised there's not more Arc Warden being played in the mid lane/safelane. Seeing lots of ranged cores like Luna/TB/TA that can safely push out lanes and go back to jungle rather easily, I figure Arc Warden clone to push lanes safely would be picked more often...

                    Granted he can't really farm stacks super quick (unlike these other cores) until he gets a maelstrom.

                    ZEUS MID

                      até chega o path 7.30 e destruir o hero, valve só pensa em juguer, heros de putinhas.