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    Cool post but fuck techies.


      Good post, but fuck Americans: low ping == low skill; fuck spanish players: high ping == high feed

      Brünk Hüll

        I often feel like players lament heroes being 'trash' while forgetting that, from a drafting perspective, the hero is in the spot it needs to be. Wisp and Batrider are commonly used for this concept. It's nice to see a post that directly references this concept to describe why a hero is ACTUALLY struggling, not just an anecdotal hatred for it.


          it's a shame for necro. Valve killed this hero

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            Thankfully I don't deal with this because I'm still in Legend, 61.8% Necro winrate babyyyyy


              i used to have a 85% win-rate with Necro...


                His current aghs feels so lacklustre, reverting it to being a 30 second cooldown would make necro far more relevant again

                Puerh Tea

                  Necro is super boring and adds almost nothing to the game. No loss.



                    Jugram Haschwalth

                      they need to make the ult affect reincarnate tbh

                      Brünk Hüll

                        I really think the largest issue is that his passive is completely useless at every stage of the game. It just isn't going to do enough damage at any stage of the game. And it's about time that Ghost Shroud doesn't make him weaker to magic damage; popping that skill in theory helps you survive but in any game there is going to be someone taking advantage of the situation. He's too slow too, needs to be a lot more like Death Prophet in that respect.


                          . . . .


                            Necro is not necessarily bad and it will become a monster with the next patch tweak, just as OD wasn't that bad before the last patch. People have tendencies to wait till a hero is obviously broken to start playing it rather bothering with it's unrefined state.

                            Brad Bowyer

                              Necro used to have the highest winrate in dota, now he is at 50%. Basically he fares well at herald bracket but becomes totally useless in divine brackets. Brain dead hero, who wants to play?


                                Just pick vs. Huskar, 0 mobility, time/survivalability dependent damage.

                                cyka blyat rush b let's go

                                  Sad, I used to play a lot of necro, by far my most played hero.

                                  Acid Snow

                                    My buddy plays him, but not for about 6 months.

                                    Кунг Фу Падла

                                      but he's good against huskar, I have a big chance of winning in games against huskar


                                        Damn though you guys weren't kidding about Necro being ignored across all DPC matches. Factoring in both Upper and Lower Divisions from all 6 regions, he hasn't been picked at all, and only saw a few bans (the teams which bothered to use a ban on him ended up losing).


                                          Just return aghanim,and all be ok