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    First! Nice


      Good read btw, mirana pos 3 might be coming back into the meta with the shards upgrade

      Dr Bee, BZZ

        Thank you for the nice article, I am forwarding it to my friend Rationally Furious Frawg who rushes aghs on Mirana. ;)

        I have 231 invoker losses

          @Fire...AND ICE I havent explored the aghs enough to make a decision about it when I wrote this! I think the use case for it would be using it while she is an offlane pick, constantly pushing out the deadlane wave with a long range arrow, and all you want to do is extend the game. Idk how good it is for fighting at the moment, am still testing it out. ty for reading though! :)

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            Hi, I've been translating your posts into Spanish for my Dota 2 Facebook group for... Wow, 3 years already (Giving credit and linking the original pages, of course). I just wanted to say that you generally have really good content and that I'm glad to do what I do so that it can reach a part of the wider non-English speaking community. Keep up the great work! Kudos from Argentina.

            I have 231 invoker losses
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              Von Darkmoor

                Nature prophets Hard has made him a megabeast at taking towers again just like in the Good old days aswell as counter hatchet.


                  can someone explain to me, why an archon with <49% winrate is making "educational" dotabuff blog posts

                  Dr Frawg, MD

                    Great read! Will forward to my brother.

                    »´ 天长地久

                      с 2007-го играю мидовой мираной, чо за бред пишете? мирана кор это новейшая стратегия? мда

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                        I'm a Mirana spammer, and as I have played with her several years (I mean, since I began playing Dota 2 four years ago), I know many things about this hero. I'm just glad to say that I know her so much that even the pros agree with my strategies and builds. So happy now.

                        aikyu3 SuBi ♪

                          ^ congratz, now you can put it in your resume!

                          томас шелби

                            Привет, я перевожу ваши сообщения на испанский язык для моей группы Dota 2 в Facebook ... Вау, уже 3 года (конечно же, давая кредит и ссылаясь на исходные страницы). Я просто хотел сказать, что у вас, как правило, действительно хороший контент, и что я рад делать то, что делаю, чтобы он мог охватить часть более широкого неанглоязычного сообщества. Продолжайте в том же духе! Престижность из Аргентины.
                            МЫ ТОЖЕ ПЕРЕВОДИМ ВАШИ СТАТЬИ!!!!!
                            ДАЙТЕ ДЕНЕГ РОССИЯ ГОЛОДАЕТ!!!!