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    LUL #1


      I think both jugg and pa are in a good place right now. Juggs aghs seems a bit op with the range it has and pa does better than expected late game.

      浦飯 幽助

        no offense but any hero can perform well as a carry in crusader-legend. its once people consciously perform each action as part of a plan for either efficiently farming or building to counter high physical dmg throughout a whole game that these heroes suffer. you wont see much smart play in your skill level where a pa can get a 20 minute battlefury and still end up carrying because of bad plays all around.


          MKB core on so many heroes doesn't do PA any favors

          i called my crush homie

            nice article


              i mean it's pretty unfair to say these two heroes are not good as carries, specialy juggernaut...
              the hero litteraly has anything that a carry needs:
              imagine an ability that gives you a chance to run away in most of the bad situations, with channeling a TP scroll, a mobile healing ward that can heal a shit load of you and your allies HP in & out of combat zone, his critical strike is also a great passive ability and as you mentioned it it scales so well with armor-reduction abilities and last but not least, omnislash, this ability is litteraly one of the strongest single target spells in the game to be fair, cause it scales not only with attack speed but also with attack damage, not to mention proc items work during this ability...

              i dont think this article is bad or incorrect atall, but i think there are other heroes worth mentioning here. just because these two heroes are not doing well in the very high bracket doesnt mean they are not useful atall.

              but infact there is a super lackluster carry in the game atm, that he litteraly cannot do anything the ENTIRE GAME no matter how farmed he is!
              im talking about Lifestealer. Due to 7.23 changes he became an absolute useless pick not only in top tier bracket but also in pubs too.

              i think you should make an article about this guy, instead...

              Von Darkmoor

                Anothwr whine thread about the most inbalanced Hero in the game!!!!! Phantom fittnoob assasin!
                1200 range instant death for support a superior Smoke/invis that can be used next to enemys.

                Can bash on dagger 1200 range.

                Can blinkstrike teammates to escape unlike almost all other Hero with the exact same spell.

                Get talent for tripple support kill with a dagger in 1200 range.

                Items required phase, deso, random pretty much...
                Cheapest instant death 0 CD Hero in game.

                With the 2 most inbalanced escapes of all time.

                And in top of that invisible om minimap!!!

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                  LUL #2

                  Acid Snow

                    PA is real annoying if left alone to farm. Jug only gets annoying if he gets Agh's. ...Played against my first Agh's Jugg a month ago, and that dude was constantly just Omnislashing around the battlefield; real difficult to target, and difficult to kill.

                    Shogun's Decapitator

                      Imagine looking at a hero with built in Lifesteal, Critical Damage, Smoke, Evasion, Blink and thinking... this hero isn't powerful enough.

                      Who gives a shit if PA is iconic. The hero is there so idiots who roll their face across the keyboard can play DOTA too. Not so people who are good at DOTA can play a mindlessly easy hero and gain free mmr by one shotting people.

                      If anything MKB being too strong is the problem, which has nothing at all to do with PA.

                      Don't think Jugg could be any more well balance.

                      I guess KawaiiSocks no longer plays DOTA but still enjoying writing about it?

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                        KAWAII DOTA LUL, wrote all this to be flamed


                          PA is not seen by wards when blurry , so that's special. Extra special 👽 if the lanes are troubling.

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                            Не понял, тут че то все на английском пишут


                              Honest to god, as a pos 5 main in Archon/Legend tier there is nothing more frustrating than getting a PA dagger crit in your face, lose 70% of your HP simply because she has a deso, phase boots and enough luck to win the lottery.
                              Yea, PA might underpreform at divine+ brackets,but to me it feels like she's the easy win pick in lower brackets. And before you reply with "QQ more 2k trash", I understand heroes having power spikes etc. But being globalled by a 2 slotted core, 35m into the game simply because RNG is bullshit

                              Gaben ruiner

                                They should add bash when PA ultimate working or make better talents. PA is a shit hero right now. This hero does nothing, 15% crit, oh yeah, 6 lvl PA 150 damage with ulty, tetches 600 damage 1 lol suicide. THANKS VOLVA MORONS

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