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Tony Redgravè

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      Dragon knight needs a huge buff like other heroes
      he was a real Dragon back in Dota but now in Dota 2 he's just useless
      BTW this is my opinion u may think about this hero differently no heart feelings

      Rastamano ralador

        who calls the dragon knight?
        CdB, the best 2k team in SA.


          hob (5) comment


            Huskar can deal with qop in lane


              Agree. DK is the most boring hero. Cool ult though.


                DK was my favourite hero to play. Verastile build, strong laner, great scaling. And in dota 1 i like how his name changed to Arc Honist when transformed (for reasons?, he's the only does that).

                Good Team



                    Your TI9 predict sucks