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          What's your thougth about Void Spirit and Snapfire? Are they really ready for captain's mode?


            ^ I think both of them will get nerfed slightly in a small balancing patch, snapfire more than void spirit; they're close to being captain's mode ready though.


              Snapfire is too strong when it hits lvl 6, his ult can easily burst down any heroes but the worst thing is its extremely long range which makes it too easy to use, also slows + deal burning DoT. Way too devastating in lvl 6-15 phase where people usually don't have BKB yet... definitely need to reduce flame counts or make it easier to actually cancel Snapfire's channeling


                пасани брюмасту ужэ апнити хатя пахнале в пубиге катнем хто пате


                  Personally, I feel like it is too early to discuss Snapfire/Void Spirit in the professional scene: once pro players get used to the heroes, I expect their win rates to go slightly down. Though Snap subjectively feels a tad too tanky.


                    Nyx no buffs? Totally omitting a 0.3s stun duration talent -- he can solo lock you with Meteor hammer...


                      One important lesson I learnt while playing Snapfire is that you need a coordinated team in order to utilize him effectively. Basically, all his skills must synergize with the mindset of the team, whether to go in or come out, or you end up killing your teammates and they start blamming you. In SEA, most games are players with solo mindset, they want to 1v5 and end up throwing. Snapfire was such an overpowered hero in the last patch, but I failed terribly simply cos of bad coordination.

                      Being able to predict what your allies are thinking as they make irrational decisions is even more difficult than when in a high ranked match which is what I feel. If you are in 2k mmr then you have to be good in 2k mmr not in 5k mmr as the environment is different. It is not about, I can defeat top players, my mechanics are better, I have the "best" item build, but rather, does your playstyle suit the thinking of your team as well as the enemies and if your item build counters the enemy's ideology.

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                        You got a point. How to win match with teammates in your rank. Not to try to prove everyone that u are the best at any cost, but coordinate with teammates as best as u can and win (not only with Snapfire). Thumbs up!


                          I'm just glad my second favorite hero Nyx got into the spotlight now since Disruptor got nerf this patch, teams avoided this raptor.


                            Your TI9 predict sucks