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    submit to my rules, peasant

      dead mum?


        so i played him in wrong way lately...


          It's the same as with MK: People think he's a full blown core and build him accordingly, forgetting the hidden utility the hero brings: In MK's case it's flying vision and map pressure. With BH is disrupting the enemy eco, draining their supoorts resources (gold into sentries/dust) and draining the gold from their core.


            Bounty 4 is overrated. Core bounty is a lot more solid.


              I'm a simple man i see a jungler I take bh

              aikyu3 SuBi ♪

                ^ Jungler ._. Hopefully this term doesn't exist when you reached Archon rank, my friend.


                  ^ im legend 2 . junglers are still here .send help. :(

                  Pawley Lequa

                    nice article . ;)

                    matt dagon

                      Yo stop writing articles about my boy BH, you're gonna get him nerfed


                        oh shit BH on fire

                        MM.Ugh Brock Hall

                          This is not too dissimilar to the old lich concept for getting an advantage in levels in lane. Personally I miss that, but considering it was possible to outlevel a solo player with lich +1 it is probably for the best. There are still a couple ways to achieve the early deny (ench oracle enig) but instead of utterly RUINING an offlaner or mid, the system has flipped to the advantage of the defender. I like it too, it's all these little mind games and that's fun.


                            just firstpick it, if you dont believe watch my bh games free pts

                            offlaner ≠ carry

                              In SEA, Bounty Hunter players build Battle-f**king-fury.
                              1 free report.


                                CK 25 minute midas .. never forget


                                  About that jungler thing...i spam enigma sa pos 4 roaming/jungle in divine bracket it's good to draw bh away from my core and annoy him


                                    WATA MATATA

                                    1v9 every game

                                      Bh is op

                                      Yami Yugi

                                        I saw it back then, pos 4 BH turn into a core bitch slapping pos 2 ember like shit lategame


                                        Lord Griffith

                                          its Pronounced as Beech not bh haha, just nerf this guy already

                                          ANTI ANTI-MAGE

                                            i like the pre 7.20 track


                                              @Bronn In your imagination maybe:

                                              You don't have a single enigma game against BH dude.

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