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    LAST........... HAR HAR HAR

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    6 dogs



        7.20 coming in soon, let the nerf begin

        Jack Attack

          Kind of excited for it but I feel like everytime I figure out a patches strong points for my gameplay style they nerf it. I dont even follow tournament meta and my heroes still get nerfed.

          Edit: for example lane deny through enigma and lich is my current top 2 picks for support. Quite sure enigma is getting wreckt in the patch.

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            Ma boy lesh aint dead yet

            Gaben dick it's like 3rd leg

              I can't wait for the new BADASS hero TONIGHT


                Timbersaw get picked and lose.. Fu*k u wt point????

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                    The TI patch was spectre, ursa, weaver

                    The current patch is TB, PL, AW,

                    Why cant valve just balances all the heroes at once. It seems dat Dota1 is better in balancing

                    Lemon tree

                      Thx for 7:20 , 7:19 is gotten down


                        Can't w8 for Xena and Hercules

                        aikyu3 SuBi ♪

                          meh. CM -5 movement speed incoming!

                          aikyu3 SuBi ♪

                            wow look at my new star everyone~


                              石原里美, simply because it is impossible. Nerfing op heroes and buffing weak heroes dont make it balance, it will only change the direction of meta. I prefer when there is several meta heroes thats overpicked, but can be countered with some sort of strat or underpicked heroes, make it a very diverse meta. Cheers

                              Rodion Dwatschewski.

                                Make Techies great again!

                                Rodion Dwatschewski.

                                  And Omniknight too.


                                    still waiting


                                      Juggernaut and qop buff will be great xd


                                        game over for 7.19



                                          + NEET Luke + [K]

                                            7.20 rip dota. worsest update ever


                                              7.2 is amazing

                                              Pawley Lequa

                                                look what did you guys just expected from 7.20 now. you cant read me OSFrog