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    1st firsttime lmao


      Grimstroke alone is very weak if the enemy already understand how he works and the facts that his ult itself is useless for him. Doubling phantom embrace sounds good, double 5 scnds silence, 360 + 150 dmg, but with phantom embrace moving time and the fact that it still goes to massive cooldown if one of them died is ver troubling since phantom only need to get hit twice early game to give ez 40 gold


        I think Grimstroke is completely bullshit broken early game. Here's the quick rundown:

        Q. Stroke of Fate - I don't care about, it's a potent nuke that works opposite to Windranger Powershot, the more people it passes through, the more damage it does.

        W. Phantom Embrace - tooptips is a lie, it says "cannot be dispelled", but I just manta'd it in demo hero mode. It was a welcome relief because it would literally be cheating if it required 5 hits to get rid of silence.

        E. Inkswell is the real cancer. No hero should have Surge, Phase Shift, Ion Shell, AOE stun -nuke that can be cast on both yourself and allies. It's like Decrepify/Astral Prison/Disruption, where you can move away quick. It's aburdely strong as gapcloser or saving a dived teamate.

        R. Sould Bind - BKB piercing slow 45% (Linken's Absorbs tho) , not dispellable. If no teammate nearby, you're untethered and it's literally just a slow. Which is fint to just use it as, Ursa and Troll will hate you.

        If an ally is in range you will get linked and unable to run away from each other for the duration. You CAN however RUN AWAY TOGETHER though, at roughly half of your normal speed - which I suggest. Because if tethered every single targeted spell+items will be copied onto your rope-buddy Example; Eblade + Adaptive Strike, Hex, Finger of Death, Shaman Shackle, Fiend's Grip, Nullifier, Doom, Reaper's Schyte.

        If Grimstroke is on your team save these abilities until you see the Soulbind Chains are up.

        Summary/ Grimstroke's impact on the game:
        In reality Grimlstroke is just like Oracle, kicks ass in lane, takes all your kills early game then he starts to believe he's a core and build as such (Why is there 4 wards in stock?), then you lose because your carries really needed those kills - after mid game no one gives a damn about a farmed Grimstroke. He comes in like Aladdin on his Inkswell carpet, gets Eul'sed and and Solo'd by an Ogre Magi support.

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          Manta is more than a dispell you noob
          And nobody cares about what's broken in our archon 1 games

          Yami Yugi

            Very Funny the author didn't mention Inkswell cast range difference between levels, which is why it must a priority over Phantom Embrace.
            And the itemization, for you people underestimating Phantom Embrace, I will disarm you in silence under Soulbind effect with your partner (Halberd in action)
            Also, maxing Q means you go offlane and farm like a pos 3, which is retard, I prefer maxed E first of all and took Q (slow) and W (silence) just a single point respectively. Especially when Q is doing nothing with my ult, duh
            Spectre and AM is exceptionally strong when equipped with E since they are generally resistant against magic


              Does anyone have stats on Grimstroke winrate with different hero combos?
              Like the Zeus & Spectre having 62+% winrate for a long time.


                You can dispel phantom with manta because it gives invulnerability for 0.1 seconds thus removing it. It is the same with eul.
                A purge does not remove phantom. only invis (without vision) or invulnerability can.


                  I've never lost to this hero yet. He's annoying but super easy to play around.

                  lexdoggy dogg

                    strong pos4 hero over all, he is kinda good in my option cuz its sorta 2 1 2 meta so he usually destroys lane



                      Black Capped Chickadee

                        They need to rescale the dmg of stroke of fate at lvl 1 and/or increase its mana cost. The dmg is still a bit too high compares to other offensive support against offlane. ink well speed tweak is nice but maybe cut down the stunning time by 0.5 - 1 sec since it is still pretty broken at lvl 1 if players are miss positioning: it is good to get punished but the punishment is too harsh?(that is death sentence if got stunned as offlane with 2 onlane and one of them are grimstroke.)

                        Duke Nukem

                          you can pick what you want. it doesnt matter. it depends only on the skill.
                          most teammates so trash, you can pick what you want. it doesnt matter.
                          they have no skill. they trash talk. they blaime. they suck.
                          matchmaking is brocken. community is trash.
                          shutdown the servers and lets say it was a nice experiment. its failed because of the gamers.
                          gg rq

                          Duke Nukem

                            so stop making new heros!
                            repair the matchmaking!
                            all business analysts and developer resources for a good matchmaking!
                            scrum on!


                              Said a Guardian Player that had 3K matches total
                              That only play ranked
                              But still Guardian

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                                I havent touched the hero cos its banned or picked everytime. 50% of the time grim is banned. However, I do know its broken, which is what many refused to admit. You have a 1st skill that does 300+dmg every 6 sec for an excellent cast range, even better than dp skill, and yet u cant win? Cos u never get soul ring and clarities and smoke so cheap items so ez to abuse.

                                Yami Yugi

                                  You have a 1st skill that does 300+dmg every 6 sec for an excellent cast range, even better than dp skill, and yet u cant win? Cos u never get soul ring and clarities and smoke so cheap items so ez to abuse

                                  So you are telling me to abuse this skill to reap farm as pos 3? or Pos 2? or even worse, pos 1?
                                  Next time you are able to touch the said hero, please don't.
                                  He is better as pos 4 and 5 given his ability set, give the farm to your core dude. Here's a hint :
                                  8K Networth, 20 LH minute 33 is enough for him to make a game impact


                                    Horrible between the 0 to 10 Min mark but after that is completely irrelevant.. heck it's even worst hero then dark willow..


                                      Myth 1: Supports dont need damage
                                      Myth 2: Supports dont need farm
                                      Myth 3: If supports are fatter than carries, its the supports fault

                                      When you give a hero a position, you follow with the above assumptions. I may be wrong, these may not be your assumptions, but the point is that you may be making assumptions that does not always hold true.

                                      What I can tell you is that, the higher the damage, the better, the more items, the better, but in most cases, priority farm shld be given to carries, that is another issue to consider.

                                      MM.Ugh Brock Hall

                                        As strong as the hero appears to be on paper, he definitely comes with asterisks next to each of his abilities.

                                        Stroke of Fate is the most straightforward of his abilities, and therefore has the smallest asterisk. The range is a little svelte especially if you're used to Windranger, and it takes getting used to the sideswipe of the ability. Still, it's fantastic for getting extra farm from the jungle while your carry mops up the lane, and you can stack and pull the dire easy camp into a stroke and hit the camp behind it near shrine.

                                        Phantoms are a silence, sure, but they have travel time and there are quite a few counters to them before the attack increase talent. Geminate attack ruins any advantage the silence would otherwise get on Weaver, and the travel time makes it less useful against something like a storm spirit. Anyone with a lane partner shouldn't have much issue with the spell provided good communication, so it's best utility in laning stage is for ganking mid.

                                        Ink Swell has potential to do huge damage and stun, but the high cooldown and proximity requirement before final tick means you won't be seeing utility from it until the laning stage is over. Gotta be careful who you throw it on, too, it could really ruin a teamfight if you use it on your carry when they are attempting to deal right clicks. Best partner is Dark Seer as he can surge first then run in, stun, and vacuum.

                                        Soulbind is one of those 'great by design' skills that defines perpetually good heroes. Seriously, cut the damage and effect duration on the secondary target in half and it will still be a game changing skill. It still has the potential to be totally useless, but that seems to be the case with his entire kit. But any one of his skills can dictate the pace of your team, and like Black Hole, the fear of being caught by and of Grimstroke's abilities is as scary as the skills being activated. This hero changes so much about the battle that you feel out of your element.

                                        The rewards certainly outweigh the risk moderately too much right now, but aside from removing attack immunity and speed increase on Ink Swell, there doesn't seem to be too much here that needs more than a modest numbers tweak. As others have pointed out, he definitely feels pretty early game oritnted despite some skills kicking in only after the laning stage. Whether that's just the nature of a support or not is up for debate, though.