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    Kename  Fin

      Time to play dazzle again


        Does Aeon Disk still proc when muted by Nullifier? I always buy Aeon Disk when playing against burst heroes but not sure about its interaction with Nullifier.


          it procs even if you are nullified. However, nullifier can still counter aeon disk. If nullifier is used after your disk activated, it will remove the aeon disk’s invincibility effect right away.


            aeon procs but nullifier can be used after proc to remove the aeon buff


              shadow demon is a pretty good counter. demonic purge removes strafe and makes it impossible for 7 sec to use it (gets instantly removed)

              ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ ☾ᗩℝᏁჯᎿÎᎯ₦✌♫

                Ctrl + F Ghost Scepter :(

                MM.Ugh Brock Hall


                  Nullifier applies a mute, which only affects active item abilities. Combo Breaker (one of the best names in Dota) is a passive, as is Linkens. While it can be dispelled by Nullify, that requires Clinkz to apply enough damage to you to pop it, then dispel it. So it's still quite nice to have an Aeon Disk if you're prone to walking alone in the jungle, but if you stick together just a little more you won't have need for the item as there will always be a retalitory friend.

                  Keep in mind also that Combo Breaker has a somewhat long cooldown, and while active, you cannot inflict any damage. Ravage still stuns, but don't throw that Laguna Blade in a panic reaction to a Clinkz popping up.

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                  Sanft & Sorgfältig

                    Prioritize denying your own creeps, rather than getting last Hits.



                      I'm a clinkz player, and one thing you didn't mention is picking illusion heroes against him. CK, pl are best


                        "Constantly following allied Anti-Mage around the map, staying in the jungle out of XP range and still getting flamed for “feeding” is not the most engaging gameplay, but it has to be done."

                        Yeah cool, that is what I want to do with my free time, getting yelled at for an hour. I think DOTA should use that as an sales pitch for promotion.

                        Tired of games that keep the balance between pros and casual players? Do you want to get screamed at for an hour or longer? Do you want a game where your whole team needs to counter one single enemy hero and then loses to the rest of the enemy team? Play DOTA, today and it will be fun ... just not for you.

                        I think also Clinkz can be dealt with (as soon as he is stunned or hexed he is usually dead) and I deal with him on a daily base (as support or core). Nevertheless I think it is the strafe projectile evasion that seems a bit much for a lot of heroes (in particular projectile based stuns or nukes are pretty much worthless (poor Lion and Lina with their ults)).

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                          "PLAY AS A TEAM" LOL
                          fucking icefrog buffed this hero to hell just to fit it in competitive area. coordinating is dead in solo ranked.
                          just played a game won mid as viper against clinkz and at min 15 mark could not do shit against him cuz he can dodge all shit even nullifier doesnt purge it. literally nightmare of ranged carrys.
                          its not like riki or bh who are not much of a threat early so proper warding is impossible.

                          Risotto #TF2SP

                            about sticking with ur team thing? yea,rat doto its still exist,even if u stick with ur team the enemy team will bait ur team for a 5 v4 fight but the clinkz probably taking ur bot/top/mid toweres/barracks(unless u win the fight quickly and tp where the clinkz is)

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                                Maybe Dota needs to become game where is no limitations like only one hero of kind :D All pick clinkz and game on


                                  I think clinkz is overrated man. I hardly see him in my pubs anymore. The current cancers puj cm necro ench all destroy him in lane


                                    He can actually work pretty decently as a position 4 in low mmr games after all the buffs. Kind of like support windranger, except instead of stun he compensates with higher dps and scouting potential even without many items.

                                    wife bad

                                      stop giving away my secrets


                                        Really developing game by competitive scene is not great idea. "welcome new players" Have fun


                                          SORRY DOESNT CUT IT DOTABUFF!


                                            When we see WK coming viable to competive? Does it need a buff

                                            Mode : TOPSON

                                              only 1 blue star comment lulz


                                                I just say 2 words: Spirit Breaker


                                                  also of note picking heroes with escapes and/or disables works well. Especially ones that don't mind building euls and things. Having heroes that clinkz can't just find and reliably kill early is a great way to slow him down.

                                                  MM.Ugh Brock Hall


                                                    Escape heroes are usually on their own and are pretty squishy though, so I don't know that I agree with you there, but the disables are definitely good. With Kawaiis suggestion of Euls and a disable you can turn the play on Clinkz. Kinda need disables on any team though so it's not particularly revelatory but it's certainly true.


                                                      BLADE MAIL LUL

                                                      Yami Yugi

                                                        very funny when once in a mid game a clinkz orchid my phoenix and I just halberd him, and we become a pair of useless hero, only I can give him auto attacks, it end in the matter of seconds of course, once orchid effect wears off I have the upper hand :D
                                                        Clinkz aware of this and fleeing beforehand...

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                                                        Ricardo Mars

                                                          this article didn't mention that he also rats well af.

                                                          HoT Ho11oW PoiNT

                                                            Author: You are missing a link on "Lotus Orb"'s first use, as well as sythe of vise

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                                                            In my mind

                                                              Имба он.


                                                                Don’t try to counter clinkz with ranged carries. As the divine guy above mentioned, there’s so many counters to clinkz in lane that are popular firstpicks now, and a hero like blood seeker, which is a rather safe option this patch, shits on clinkz all game long. Yeah, it probably will pick off your lone supports in the jungle either way, but we played vs Slark for years, and somehow managed


                                                                  did you seriously not mention ghost scepter for support? cheapest and best item against clinkz, it make clinkz use a strafe for a support that he won't kill until he has hex or nulllifier

                                                                  MM.Ugh Brock Hall


                                                                    The same could be said of Euls, and that serves more utility as it can be cast on allies and enemies as well. Ghost Scepter can only be applied to yourself and therefore only encourages a support to be alone more often. Once the Clinkz realizes you have Scepter he isn't likely to target you outside of fights, and if you are away from your core he is more likely to go for the tastier target.

                                                                    tldr Ghost Scepter encourages poor counterplay and in the long run gives less bang for your buck on supports.

                                                                    If you are a channeler I think you'll get more utility out of it though.


                                                                      You can't cast euls on allies

                                                                      MM.Ugh Brock Hall


                                                                        My mistake, you're right they did change that as it made way for lotus. Nevertheless, being able to pop the clinkz up provides the necessary time to make the turn and dispels the strafe dodges


                                                                          1 сентри вард работает 6 минут! 2-3 таких на карте уже спасут коров.


                                                                            @MM.Ugh Brock Hall
                                                                            but eul's is expensive for a support, ghost scepter is way cheaper.
                                                                            If you're a pos5 you'll never get eul before sometime especially if there is a clinkz where you gotta buy sentry and dust.

                                                                            MM.Ugh Brock Hall


                                                                              If it was in the 850 range you might be able to save youself and retaliate before he gets orchid. Hoevever, once orchid is online you won't be receiving attacks, but you'll also be silenced so you can't retaliate, at which point you have removed yourself from the equation. I see what you're getting at, it certainly isn't wildly illogical or anything, but I still feel like positioning safer removes the necessity for the scepter. Sentries pay for themselves via dewards and kills, as well as dust, but it's not out of the question to split that responsibility in the current dual lane meta.

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