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    damn son

    Duke Nukem

      not first


        well written

        61 years strong

          damn, bara




              6th :D:D:D


                7th .......................^_^


                  8th lels, wheres dagon? He is more annoying with dagon

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                  Killing Injoker-

                    one of the best ez MMR hero in 1.5k
                    by the way where's the armlet



                      Pawley Lequa

                        boring .a lot of time im force to pick bara becos enemy pick a lot of elusive hero.and cant rely on ally chain stun. so bara cos he can chain stun with himself and tank.

                        New Hero OP

                          spammed this hero for a free 500 mmr with friends. much easier to be effective if you can rely on a core when you gank their lane, but hes probably a solid pick in solo queue too.


                            isn't he generally a support nowadays? his farming is pretty weak, and also the team needs you to be ganking most of the time anyways. altho he doesn't need big items as much

                            MM.Ugh Brock Hall


                              Current meta is fairly aggressive, which favors heroes that farm through kills rather than creeps. Since he is going to be involved in so many kills early on, it makes sense to give him priority farm.


                                @Brock Hall

                                giving bara farm is fine, but not ideal, for 2 reasons, 1. he doesn't farm well, he doesn't have aoe damage to clear lanes, he doesn't jungle efficiently either, so under the same circumstances, he wouldn't be as farmed as other cores 2. his stats and skills dictate that he doesn't scale as well as other cores with items in terms of dps. however, his base stats are great ,so without being 6 slotted he is still very much functional, his skills are more suitable for a ganker roamer role, applying pressure to the opponent and freeing up more resources for your teammates


                                  This is one of my highest winrate heroes, and its amazing what you can do with him against an unprepared team...

                                  Hate The Living

                                    Oh my boy. He punishes lonely farmers so much that enemy either has to stick together or face their doom. He has a 30 min of full power spike and relevance which is really rare. His scalling is relatively strong but he is not a good late gamer, because he favors skirmish kinda fights and not 5 vs 5 team fights. I think late game either you have to turn him into a Bkb initiator or a Mjolnir split pusher.

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                                        I feel greedy support (4 position) would be better on Bara rather than offlane, because with the amount of times he will rotate early on from charging, he will give up the offlane if he is a 3 position.
                                        Honest question from a predominantly normal skill scrub: if the meta is so geared towards early-mid game, that in theory you don't get the game to late, why not put him as a 1 position, in terms of farm, at least for the early game(first 10 mins)? One 2K gold item, and he can fight(theoretically he could fight early without any items if RNGsus blesses him)


                                          more blog about offlane hero...meh

                                          Hate The Living

                                            He needs a solo lane and position 1 usually has 2 heroes. At safe lane he faces strong heroes, but at offlane he usually faces easy to kill squishy heroes. He is not a pusher and position 1 should usually be a pusher. His dps do not scale that much and is not on par with someone like TB or Luna or Life Stealer or Chaos Knight even farmed equally. He could be totally functional with just a tread and urn and levels and granting him a position 1 is a total waste of position 1 and a total waste of his early fearsome strength.

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                                            MM.Ugh Brock Hall


                                              Priority farm was a bit misleading because the point is not the gold, as he gets that from the kills, but the xp, which fits perfectly with the concept of an offlaner. Giving him the extra levels early allows him to get ahead during the time he is strongest. If you are utilizing him in the offlane, you're likely trying to close the laning stage as soon as you can to continue choking the enemy out of resources and map control. It's definitely a snowball lineup situation, and you could still use him as a roamer, but he won't be AS powerful in the early game and will drop off faster.

                                              Dead inside

                                                оу ее лол кек

                                                Fuck Irathyl Boreal Valley

                                                  @und_pun i agree, but I think he can go either way. As you said having a position 3 that can farm more effectively, eg. Centaur or something is good but pos 4 and 3 bara both have advantages and disadvantages. I think for this article it was mainly focusing on being position 3 because you can more reliably have an impact due to the increased xp


                                                    BUFF BARA

                                                    KDA < 1

                                                      NERF THIS SHIT PLS

                                                      Cat vs The World

                                                        What is tempo mean?


                                                          abused month ago and won 13 matches in row as SB(Support pos 4)


                                                            @B!urryFace "Tempo" as used in Dota2 is the pace in which certain roles and activities are to be done at specific time intervals (i.e. when to start ganking, how far should you push after winning a gank/clash, at what time should you be able to get core items given the farm availability, when do cores start participating in fights, etc.).


                                                              17% bash chance (100% bash chance)


                                                                @Fight Machine thanks for the insight. I already know that pos1 bara is a generally a dumb idea, but i toyed w with the idea before; I drafted a position 1 bara in a local offline tourney, told my carry player to just chill safelane and farm first 15 mins, then start fighting. He came out at 18 mins w S&Y and blade mail, enemy couldn't really deal with him, we won after snowball. That's why I brought up the suggestion. L
                                                                I guess it would only work with a lineup of semi-carries who can all potentially be support, more or less give distributed farm except for one(in my case, we gave to bara), all power level peak at roughly 20 mins and snowball as much as possible and end before enemy carry gets to 3 items. If I remember, my draft was Venge, Lina, Bara, Silencer, and Lesh? Something crazy like that.

                                                                Are We Cool Yet?

                                                                  part of this article is true, the rest is just interesting
                                                                  op played 500mathces in the past year and only played 2 match as SB
                                                                  in his entire dota history with thie account he played 23 matches with a 30.43% win rate.

                                                                  in conclusion, not very reliable?

                                                                  TOPPER HARLEY

                                                                    I have around 260 Spiritbreaker matches - mostly played as 4 pos Support in Team ranked around 4.5-5.5k (66% win rate)
                                                                    Have to say...the hero is VERY good at aggressive duo or trilanes.
                                                                    With the right combo u can almost destroy almost any enemy safelane...just team up with heroes that can dive towers.
                                                                    Not a fan of Core SB, only things u need is boots/urn/drums or solar crest for your team and you good. Lotus orb is also really good on this hero.

                                                                    Roshan 2.0

                                                                      dam sucka mc


                                                                        I hope IceFrog don't even read this article and do not nerf my loveley bull


                                                                          Sb is weak as pos 3 nowadays due to strong pos 1. He lose out vs spark, jug in last hit. And a solo ranged support can give him hell.

                                                                          However he is extremely strong in 2v2 lane.

                                                                          Nowadays I play him almost exclusively pos 4. As a pos 4, he is hindered by being a melee hero. Other than that he is in a fine spot. He can be a surprise safe lane choice as well.