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Putin's Finest Slav


    2.4K Magic - Bruno Mars

      Hurricane pike ruined normal skill

      El atrocidad


        e: fuck 9 minutes refresh time

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          Quite some typos in there..

          CLQ Dynasty Member

            Echo sabre is also extremely good on PA and Wraith King


              Imo, the best new item is "infused raindrop" for Slark for the following reasons:

              1. He lacks burst-damage-resistance.
              2. At Lvl.7, with maxed "Dark Pact" he can finally flash farm without going to base to refill mana.

              Ring of Basilius (0.65 mana regen) + Infused Raindrop(0.85) = 1.5 mana regen !

              For a mana-starved heroes like Slark, It is a must in every game.

              What do you guys think?


                i keep building echo sabre on LD's bear. good for chasing and for +proc on entangle and basher

                dura raya

                  imbalanced Slark need fix


           a very high skill player who mostly mains slark. You DO NOT get infused rain drop..Heck, a lot of the time I don't even get an aqua because rushing sb into silver edge should be the #1 priority. (Like AM and BF) Delaying the most powerful item on slark atm is foolish regardless of mana. A support can just buy a boots or u buy a mango.

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                      yes a high school player i am too, i am senior :P


                        l am a grade 7

                        UNCLE KUSH

                          first lulz


                            Slark and AM completely different lul, AM need bf for flashfarm yet slark just need some stats or mana regen for flashfarm, 2nd rushing SE = Enemy will stick or ready for counter you while your health still too small mostly u only get a couple kills and boom you'll feed like c**t


                              silver edge gives +15 stats and survivability in the invis. Also skadi should be 2nd item almost in anytime (if not bkb is needed DESPERATELY) Feeding is the players fault not the hero. A slark with only a shadow blade 10-15 mins in the game should rape any enemy team/pick offs. If the team bunches up like you said, can't there just be a team fight??? Also, like I said, any support with arcane boots or a mango should be all the emergency mana u need. Silver edge and Skadi ultimate orbs (early in game) should really give you all the mana u need.

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                                U no build Midas?
                                No one mentioned enchan+track+HP+tp?


                                  U no build Midas?
                                  No one mentioned enchan+track+HP+tp?


                                    Midas is situational mostly. But yeah, if you have 100% uncontested free farm you should def force midas after poor man's shield. Enchant is countered by bkb and bh should NEVER be the cause to not going silver edge. You can just easily purge his ult off. Also, the most core item on slark lol is magic wand. Im serious it gives the small mana bursts that slark needs between escaping/killing. HP gaining can be countered by orchid (unless that team/hero has a lot of debuff spells) TP's are a nuisance to slark, but basher should be the 4th/3rd item to get

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                                    Penis Butler

                                      Slark hero for cowArds and puss. ies


                                        >:I u wot m9?


                                          echo sabre with silver edge for slark can kill all tankers

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                                          No escape!

                                            As I know, Raindrops stack. I have seen supports with 2x Raindrops on the pro scene

                                            Starlight Glimmer

                                              Raindrops are notable because they can negate the fall damage from Euls, allowing you to instantly blink away.


                                                "scan" is also from "that" game.. so yeah..

                                                Crimson Ignis

                                                  Bloodthorn is the second most expensive? What's the first? I thought the bloodthorn took the cake.

                                                  Dawn Bringer

                                                    ^ level 5 dagon

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                                                      If you know how to tread switch, there is no need for raindrop on Slark.


                                                        1rd :)

                                                        Дикая Звёздочка

                                                          Slark, an incredibly strong hero with lots of skills built-in 4. I can count 9 or 10 skills. The first is damage and debuffs reset (2), the Second is the escape and disable (4), the current passive ability even through magical immunity(5) and ultimate giving invisibility, insane regeneration on the battlefield, beyond the battlefield, the ability to "detect" the wards and invisible heroes, and fast movement speed (10). Too much for one character

                                                          Дикая Звёздочка

                                                            About Echo Sabre. It is very cheap artifact, very-very-very cheap artifact, but too much reinforcing some of the heroes, buy them this artifact immediately win the game. It needs to cost more.


                                                              Чё вы пиздите рики имба ребята, вы чё


                                                                Чё вы пиздите рики имба ребята, вы чё

                                                                THE LAST JOKER

                                                                  i think aquila is still the best most cost efficent item for slark .

                                                                  Хватит! Я не тащу

                                                                    BEST PATCH
                                                                    I love it (NO)


                                                                      slark heroes for heroes and hc carryes


                                                                        we need more OP carrys on this game to make this game better ,we also need more carry items for this game to make this game better ,new carry hero is joke ,admins should put something much better one ...and ofc everyone loves carrys and remember their favourite carry team carrys name ,i dont know any supports and not interested them ,supports are players who cant carry .

                                                                        Nero Scarlet

                                                                          And none of these can explain why elder titan is back


                                                                            i can support good ,buts is so boring ,i love get kills ,killsreaks etc,even pro teams could change their support every month to get new ,supp is ez,carrying much harder,so lets give all respect to carrys ,ty.


                                                                              elder is back ? who cares that hero,playing it randomly almost always with idiot team no effect.


                                                                                Fucking slark players everywhere ...its really op when u r playing in 3k and teammates r braindamaged

                                                                                ef: A Chinese Retirement.

                                                                                  ez for Madara Uchiha


                                                                                    @VeveRka, you forgot about extended night line of sight, which is the same as in the day. Like built in Nightstalker buff. Seems pretty broken for me.


                                                                                      I hate to be that guy, but that invoker stat saying he gets 7% magic damage increase with no items at level 25 is kinda wrong. Assuming you have maxed exort by level 25 it's slightly over 8%.

                                                                                      Furthermore, the statement that Invoker has the highest int growth is also kinda shaky. Yes he gets 4 int per level, same as Pugna, however Pugna gets more int from stats than Invoker does from Exort, so at max level Pugna's average int gain per level is 4.8 and Invoker's is 4.56, making Pugna Dota's most intelligent hero.

                                                                                      None of this detracts from your point though- even a max level Pugna, who starts with a whopping 10 more int that Invoker, ends up with a slightly over 9% increase with no items, so it's not a huge deal. Int still scales way less than other attributes into the lategame, but now they at least get a little something. I think it's a good change.


                                                                                        infused rain drops good item for a techies, paired with clarities and soul ring , techies never gets OOM

                                                                                        How bad can i be?

                                                                                          i feel like with the blink dagger an echo sabre sven doesn do solid damage, i was excited about the echosabre on sven but now i feel him weaker replacing the fast crystalis and deadalus