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    There is alot of hate flowing at the lower mmr for supports atleast. I play 3,2k solo mmr and often tend to solo support games due no one being willing to play anything but carry and I get raged that i don't deward enough while the carries cry if I take one lasthit resulting me to be out of gold 80% of the match. Also multiple ''carries'' I've played with can't actually last hit or even worst case AUTO hit, alot of peope especially around majors or popular tournament series pick something they've seen pro players carry with and fail it hard, feels bad to support Sven with 12 lh 0 deny at 7min mark. Or dying to ganks you ping 10seconds earlier due wanting to kill one more creep wave and complain that map vision was bad. Always pleasure to play with good carries tho as they give their supports something to do instead of sit undertower and wait them to farm farm farm.


      @peachrocks someone did go from 3K to 5K on support


        @mane it definitely happens but I'm much chiller about it now. Realize that as the support you're the captain of the fucking team, call out shots, warn about ganks, keep tabs on what and where your carries should be farming, remind everyone constantly to carry tp scrolls, and make sure everyone keeps the lanes pushed. If anyone give you shit just flame back and mute if needed.


          @Light LOL "support lives matter". Funny, I never get treated like a servant when I play supports, I get ez commends. Maybe you're just not good at the role?


            We all want to see supp get MVP award but in football do you see A GOALKEEPER winning best player of the year ask Germany!


              To alleviate this issue - we shouldn't even name the carries as 'Core'. Dota is 5v5 team game and the core should be the team itself rather than any one position.

              Support player too - not too good at it (trying to learn). Hard to carry because when we do play carry we occasionally have to ward too. What I think the community and Valve can do is to encourage newbies to the game to try out support and understand the underlying concept of:

              Vision/Space/Map Awareness > Farm > Gold > Item > Win

              If everyone learned how to support first, am pretty sure they would be a better carry as well.

              Keep Awake

                @Fang You sound like talking positively about a role is a bad thing.

                What I don't like is the attitude that this or that teammate 'doesn't know how to play their role'. Well, if you're 2k like me you know nothing compared to any 7k player, is that a surprise?! Just focus on your own play, and if you feel it won't tilt your teammate, make a suggestion or ask for wards or a certain item or whatever you want. I hear too much "crybaby" mode from cores/mids/supports/whoever when others play irritates them.