DotaBuff Giveaway #1!

Hi guys!

In response to our community being awesome we have decided to give something back. All you have to do is like us on Facebook. As soon as we reach 300 likes we will randomly decide on a Winner! Yes, you have heard us correctly:

We are doing a giveaway!!

So, all you have to do to be qualified for a win is like us on Facebook. And that is all! So tell your friends, share the news.

Here, at DotaBuff we are crazy about statistics and we decided to make a fitting present for the lucky one:

And that will come with a 3 months premium subscription!

We hope you will keep enjoying our web-site and the new features we are working on. Good luck, have fun!


And we have our Winner!

We are trying to contact the Winner. Please check your "other" folder in the Facebook messages section.

Does it mean you should stop liking our Facebook page? Definitely not! We are having a next giveaway when we reach 2000 likes, so stay tuned.


We have found our winner! Congratulations, Elvz! Now, that's the person you really want to learn playing Visage Visage from!

Thank you for your support! We really appreciate it!

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22 komentarzy

    May the force be with me! XD


      yay :D!

      lol-man | uwu

        <3 Dotabuff


          Keep up the goodwork. GL


            Thanks! We will have another giveaway at 2000 like on our FB page. It might seem a bit too much, but with the speed of the community response, it is necessary, since not everyone got the chance to participate (200 extra like were reached in less than 3 hours. I expected at least 8-10. I personally feel really bad for making something not everyone could participate in - will learn from my own mistakes).


              Wow i got featured? cool!:D

              Thanks a lot Dotabuff.:)


                congratulations bro ! :D


                  Liked :)

                  Woof Woof

                    grats to winners


                      FB =(

                      Any chance for a G+ giveaway?


                        That is a good idea. I personally prefer G+ over FB, since it is miles and miles ahead in almost every aspect, but there is just not enough people on it to make a self-sustainable community of D2 players (


                          Are you guys sitting on a Dotabuff G+ page at least? I'd follow you there to at least get your numbers started =)


                   alr have winner but still want to share :3
                            Keep up good work and good luck Dota buff :3


                              Much appreciated contest. However, I am an adult male and there is nothing that could make me do anything with face book.


                                is there some way to do a giveaway not on a social network, i have no social network accounts, but i want to participate.


                                  there are people who still use facebook :/?

                                  Boon | YM™

                                    like already. Thanks dotabuff ^_^ <3


                                      Thanks a lot for your support guys! I had no idea our facebook page will get so much love in a single day, and we really appreciate it.

                                      As a matter of fact, there will be more giveaways very soon, I still need to figure out a couple of things and finish the one I am doing for the CIS community atm. They will vary to make things a bit more interesting (there are a couple of crazy ideas I need approved that could be fun). And they will come from different sources: FB/Twitter/DotaBuff itself.

                                      Also: if you are a Russian-speaker, could you please give some love to the VK page we have:
                                      ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ GIFF LIKES

                                      Thanks a lot guys!


                                        db, plz giff me item