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General DiscussionWhat is so fun about Sniper ?

What is so fun about Sniper ? in General Discussion

    Acording to dotabuff the second most played hero now and he is always in the top 5.
    He isnt even noob friendly like some would say , you need perfect positiong skills .
    Even his skills are boring , except for the ult.

    RosHan Solo

      An article and some YouTube videos of pos4 sniper ags stun. That'll do it.

      On another note; it is super annoying his x1000 shrapnel casts followed by a 3s ags stun.


        Sniper is super annoying for both teams.

        P.S. And this is exactly why he is so popular...

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          Teaching dogs how to behave

            its a really comfortable hero to play if you are tired in my opinion

            consciousness expands

              I think it's simply the concept of the hero - he can give you a false sense of safety by being able to attack from the longest range, far from needing to man up in front.

              consciousness expands

                Also, talking about fun - I personally find the ability to light up a dark part of the map with shrapnel fun.


                  he is fun because you are certain that none of the opponents has fun playing against you

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