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Sir GueL™

    I was randomly clicking the Players section, then goes to Time Spent Playing tab. At first, I was amazed there are people exist who can play about 20 hours a day, and also for the next day this player can play around 10-15 hours. This means that this player is just sleeping with less than 6 hours, then continue playing more Dota. With this habit, this player can reach 20k games with just 4 years of playing Dota.

    BUT, surprisingly (sadly), with that amount of time of playing, this player is just a Guardian Medal player, HOW ?! Does this player have ever learn something from 20k games? I mean it's a huge waste of time. You just let your time waste for nothing. Please at least you grow or achieve something? There are so many things you can do with 20k hours of life. Well, ok playing for fun, but c'mon you've real life to do to take care. Maybe this player super-rich that all he need to do left is just playing Dota till the end of the lifetime.

    Disclaimer, this post doesn't mean too hurt anyone's feelings, but I suggest for the people who feel it the same way (in the same condition) or anyone who read it, better go live with your real life. There is a lot of things to do than spending your whole life in Dota. We will not live in this world forever, we have a limited time in this life. Except you didn't really care about it.

    Well, time to get a better life, I guess


      Steam accounts linked to PCbanks/internet cafes. These accounts are being played by crazy amount of different players and being played for multiple hours every single day :).