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how to overcome from losing too muchh in General Discussion
Perfect "UGLY"

    this month i played dota 2 and i think i just got like 30% winrate.. so anyone know how to overcome this .. i picked my best hero to spam but it wont work at alll huhuhuuhuhu... im just little bois and i need your help to overcome this problem ... and i love to play core .. any idea??


      be better

      Fuka suginai o nīchan

        Stop wasting time on that game. better play normal games and have fun.
        If you dont get at least Ancient 1-3 by playing on 60% effort its senseles to waste nerves on this game.


          Quit the game. It worked I'm now free from addiction.

          Mohamad [LEB]

            First 6 months of playing this game should be POS 5 support, after u feel that ur getting good with positioning, getting less than 8 death each game and u have good map awareness..then ur good to move to core positions

            Perfect "UGLY"

              hahahhaa yeah2 ... well i cant play dota just like that . it my fav game after all 😂

              ЈЕБЕНА ЖИВОТИЊА

                Your item timings are atrocious, even when you are winning, you are building them on autopilot instead of itemizing for a situation. Google Cookies last hit chalanges, you cant play core if you dont know how to farm.


                  one of the worst things people can do is auto pilot on items. For example having boots at 0 mins is a huge power spike where as having boots at 20 mins is nothing. Having radiance at pre 15 mins means you can force your way in any team fight and take towers increasing gold by alot where as having it past 30 mins means it does nothing. Best thing you can do is learn about hero power spikes and item power spikes. For example on your last spectre game you got a radiance at 43 mins that is straight up game throwing. You directly contributed to the loss. Instead of radiance if you had the relic for a long time you could have gotten nullifer or if you didnt have relic gotten heart or linkens or bkb

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                  Perfect "UGLY"

                    yeah maybe i didnt read the situation sometime .. but i too much rely on my teammate .. i losed my focus when my teammate start to fed on other lane .. uuhuu

                    When's My Lucky Q?

                      this game is not for you then...
                      believe me, ur sanity wouldnt even last in SEA ancient bracket...

                      if u keep insisting onplaying, play normal for fun instead. ranked is just the worst place of all

                      Perfect "UGLY"

                        yeahhh i know ... sometime i triggered so much when my teammate start throwing bad word at me .. i jsut to play peaceful with nice teammate huhuhu ... and at the end on last month i got 5report and 32 commend and i got LP like 2 game 😭... btw thanks for gimme some nice suggestion 😘