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    why is it when i play core i win? a boring (most likely an easy game)
    and faken have a hard, tilting long ass game when i play pos 3-5
    fak me i just wanna plant wards/deward and have a fun winning game playing as support

    Kotato, 62 yo

      fak me i just wanna plant wards/deward and have a fun winning game playing as support

      kind of this is why you lose

      Jicniv Rune Farlord El Nix

        there is only one easy way to win: LC Woods!


          Gotta be more active early game. Supports should be in nearly 100% of the kills that happen before 10 minutes. Look at the kill totals at 10 mins in your games, then compare it to your kills + assists.


            Exactly Nikki, im not saying i winning all my core games but when i support usually end up in long game which is decided at 20 mark but they close the game at 50+ min.

            Only one who can carry me is always smurf.
            I seriously think the matchmaking is absolutely fu. Cked couse there nobody play in his fucki. Ng bracket.

            At least i found fun in unranked again.


              losers never stop making excuses

              losers are greater in number

              they procreate the most


              ЈЕБЕНА ЖИВОТИЊА

                Roles in dota are named by the numerical value of impact they provide on the game.

                pos 1 "the carrier" having the most impact on how the game will flow and pos 5 the "sacrificial support" with the least impact on the game. If you have 0-20 pos 5 hero in your team, game is still very winable, but with 0-20 pos 1, good luck with that...

                Support job is to enable the Core, if your core is disabled in his nature, well theres nothing for you to do, so you might as well just watch something on netflix.... This is ultimately why i advise my friends against queuing for Ranked roles, its full of wanabe core players that cant play that role in their ranked games, they usually fall apart and stay useless for the rest of the match.

                Honestly most frustrating thing in the world is playing Pos 5 in a game that is going downhill, you see everything is falling apart but you cant do shit about it. This is the whole reason why pos 5 is least picked role of them all, whole sub 3k mentality is "They are all noobs im better than them i will take myself out from this trench" so they pick 5 cores and they lose in 20 minutes if opposite team has pos 4 and 5 or have those ridiculous 1 hour+ farmfest games if they both have 5 cores lineup.

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                The Future Looked Bright

                  ^ The numerical value has nothing to do with impact. It has to do with farm priority.


                    if the position system was based on impact then the most logical idea to win the game is to pick 5 heroes that are typically 1 positions.

                    and the idea that pos 5s cant do anything is bullshit. any hero can push out waves, plus lower farm priority heroes are more expendable so them getting picked off to create space for their team to get out on the map is worth it. its just that people care more about their kda than winning so that they'd rather sit in base and not die than push out 4 waves in return for a death.

                    no waveclear isn't an excuse either when meteor hammer exists.

                    remember pieliedie on c9? he'd be pushing a t2 as a cm or something, and get enemies to tp so his team can farm the other side of the map from him.

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                      Supports don't have lategame impact. Carry do. If your carry fails, you lose I got a good example of that


                        4329537453 is the match idea, I'm playing 3th pos kunkka (on safelane) and got cocky, died a bunch of times unnecessarily. But my am fed the fuck out. That's shit that happens, I never get used to it. It's always annoying, especially if you throw down a good match. But shit like that happens and you just gotta move on


                          @SirIronSights maybe u just had no impact cause u picked wrong hero for pos 3? or wrong builds?

                          u mean in pro scene supports just warding after some minute of game and watching the game and having no impact at all ? i doubt ! for example shaker pos 4 doing turn around ults for his team :) just pick right heros!


                            ^es is an initiator, he can Control teamfigts. That means he has impact as a support, but not enough to win a game when you have bad carries. Also pick right heros 4head. Also why did you make up no impact when I was the reason the game literally even hit the 30 minute mark. (am completed bf in minute 27) had a disarm for lc, assault cuirass for the memes and of course the sweet heart to make you some real hard tank. A good support can be useful in a game, but there's not been a single support that solocarried a game after 4 the 35 minute mark.


                              Also a support can ward alot. But 1 smoke will be enough to kill 1 guy and win the match none the less. Warding can be useful, but it's expensive and very risky, as you can get ganked, and the enemy gets a good chunk of gold for a ward. On high level people are smart enough to play around vision. The only way they die is when they get smoke ga ked. On low level Noone cares about vision, cuz Noone plays around it anyway, and the support always gets blamed for the usual 2 support excuses: no Wards, or no items. Then yet again a supports lategame, like DJ said is pretty much you doing nothing else but fighting enemy Wards, and using the spells you have to gain Control over enemy heroes. You don't get kills, you don't go fight alone. Without good carrys a game won't be won late, because the enemy needs 1 hero to not get killed instantly by these nukes, and voila! Enemy wins the engagements. Like an earthshaker turns a teamfight, he doesn't solowin it.

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