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Optimal hotkey setup in General Discussion

    So the one area in Dota that I am objectively bad at as hotkey optimisation. I rely way to much on manually entering commands with mouse clicks that I could achieve with a hotkey.

    To that end, can anyone who thinks they have a great hotkey setup please let me know what they consider most important actions to hotkey and what key they assign it to?

    I’m looking for three use cases;

    1. Things that can be applied to all heroes eg quickbuy

    2. Things that can be applied situationally eg carry items

    3. Things that are applied to micro intensive heroes eg control groups, select all, select all controlled etc

    I’d be happy to receive coaching in this area and happy to offer something in return where applicable.



      care to share your current settings for the 3 point you mentioned? I'd like to improve too.

      mostly i use normal cast and not quick cast, last time i use quick cast i confused why my storm spirit tp to barracks instead returning to fountain when i finished zipping middle lane, turned out i double click and double click don't work when in quick cast :(

      play for fun

        double click and double click don't work when in quick cast :(

        u can enable alt click as double click in the options, it might be hard to get into at first but is really worth it especially for items like blink dagger, as for the micro controls i reckon dotaalchemy had a video dedicated to that


          u can enable alt click as double click in the options
          man i played dota for 2 years and never know that shit, thanks


            care to share your current settings for the 3 point you mentioned? I'd like to improve too.

            I currently use F1 to select hero, F2 to select summoned units and F3 to select all other units, but I don't like this as I feel like it's too far of a reach for on the fly changes. I've seen Dota Alchemy's Jenkins recommend mouse 4/5 for hero and summoned units but I use those for active use items (abyssal blade, shadow blade) and I'm stuck in the mentality of that.

            u can enable alt click as double click in the options

            Also wasn't aware, thanks!

            as for the micro controls i reckon dotaalchemy had a video dedicated to that

            They did, but it was strictly for control groups. It was useful but I use mouse 4/5 for items as outlined above. I'm looking to hear alternative suggestions.


              How this quick buy works? Sry my noob question


                So there are two types of fast purchasing, quick buy and sticky buy.

                Sticky by default is always a TP scroll.

                Quick is the items you designate it to be. In order to select the items you want to put on your quick buy, hold shift and left click the items from the shop. They will then appear in the bottom right corner of the HUD and when you press the purchase quick buy hotkey, you will buy the first item that you have the gold for from that list. You can add multiple items to that list by holding ctrl, shift + click.

                Pressing the purchase sticky buy will insta buy a TP.

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                  Ok ty! I have used this que but not quick button. Have to start to use it


                    One hotkey setup I tried long time ago was camera positions for my Spirit breaker play to evade. Have u tried those premade camera positions and have u found any use?


                      I've tried them, I have them on some of the later function keys. When I used to main mid I found them more useful for flash checking runes, but on balance I don't find myself using them in an average game.

                      Anyone tried hotkeys with an orbweaver or anything like that? For context, I'm talking about these;

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                        my quickbuy is at alt+s
                        it took me like 1 year to get used to this

                        carry items? meaning? courier carry? it's alt+a
                        if item hotkeys capslock-alt q-mouse4-alt e-keypad 1(usually tp for keypad 1)-space


                        using legacy key,this is honestly a problem and i also was thinking of switching into qwer but nope

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                          I definitely think I need to implement alt + key more, I don't use it for anything except bare minimums


                            ye i was soo confused when i use numpad 7 numpad 8 numpad 4 numpad 5 numpad 1 numpad 2 item hotkeys,then one of my friend tell me go use alt key so i use it
                            i use pagedown as scan
                            pageup as glyph
                            alt 1 for taking stash item(when you dominate enemy at fountain and want buy deso) or ghost
                            alt w open shop-i think i never use this sad
                            keypad+ for show recent event,almost never use this too


                              Do you think using quickcast QWER and then alt + QWER for items is viable?

                              I'm considering that as it's such a natural position for my hands right now


                                Nice hardware :D Guys are serious about dota


                                  i don't use quickcast,it interrupts my double click items to self or something(i dont want double click for ability selfcast)
                                  so idk about that

                                  yea i guess alt qwer for items should work,gotta take time to get used to tho


                                    I use 1-6 for items, but I try to put the items I use often in 1-4 because I can reach them easier. I use two of my mouse keys for either courier or select all other units, so for furion I use that to select my trees. I use spacebar for hero selection. I use caps lock for quickbuy and end up typed in caps sometimes on accident. Not exactly optimal but it's been working for me


                                      numers under the function keys for groups
                                      4 all other units 5 all units
                                      keypad 1-5 camera position for runes, fountains and mid lane
                                      mouse wheel (hold) for camera grip
                                      F1 select hero
                                      F2 select cour
                                      F3 buy items on quickbuy
                                      T deliver items
                                      some times I micro the cour with default keys
                                      U illusions
                                      alt 1,2,3 space mouse 1 mouse 2 items

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                                        InkDota is (IMHO) am unreal meepo spammer; he has his keyboard hotkeys listed on his twitch. Might be worth checking out.

                                        Purge did a video about hotkey efficiency around a year ago when he, a legacy key guy, forced himself to relearn his own layout