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    What are his weaknesses? I mean unobvious ones. What heroes he is very bad against and etc

    The Doom Badger

      Pitlords ally is time, with levels and items he becomes a problem to deal with as he requires a lot of focus.

      If you're against him you need to shut him down in lane, lifestealer as a core or venge as a support do pretty well vs him. Others I struggle to lane against are WK, and Skywrath.


        slow movementspeed therefore kiteable with a mere slow
        early levels suck while zoned out by ranged heroes
        mk and ursa give you a bad time in lane


          pitlord is kind of a hero that can die 20 times on lane and still have the same impact
          fuck that guy


            Slark Ursa MK Naix shit on him in lane


              look at my last game

              heros he is bad against, even 1v1 in lane:
              MK, ursa, LS, razor

              slark is 50/50 i think, if you get a couple lvls you can destroy slark

              dying in lane isnt too bad for underlord, he can push waves and get farm fast. in teamfights your skills are so good. pit of malice doesnt care if you died 8 times in lane.

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                when i play lycan, i hate this bigdaddy. i more scared of him than bristleback. i wrecked him with clinkz + any support like lich or venge

                SICKO MODE

                  Who would win?
                  A tanky strength hero with over 2.5k hp?
                  Or a silver edgy boi

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                    zeusy boi will win


                      Pit lord does not like mountains