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Midlane matchup question: QoP versus Tinker in General Discussion

    Who is supposed to come out ahead? Or should it break even?


      QoP can be ahead in the lane but Tinker can flashfarm.In a late game scenario i think we all know who is stronger.


        pure 1v1 - lvl's 1-3 should be tinker favour'd just because of Lasers to sucure range creeps/denies. Lvl's 5-6 Qop has Solo kill potential on tinker.

        Everything after that comes down to initation. I'd personally counterpick the tinker with qop, however i'm sure if you had some No(o)ne Tinker and Sccc Qop, you'd find it'd trade pretty even


          what is a good counter to tinker anyway? He can flashfarm and without support u will not get him


            Lul, qop wrecks tinker all the way from lvl 1 to 6

            daryl from the hood

              your skillbuild sucks

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                LOL, since when QoP lose to tinker? max 1st for harrass and 3rd for farm, laser is nothing since its for only to miss chance on your physical. can easily secure the runes due to blink, and dodge the rocket. you can get euls as your first item.

                the problem of your skill build is you max your blink LOL. scream and shadow strike can deal around 800 damage overtime, dont take ult at level 6.


                  I like to get ult at lvl 6 since it will secure you a bunch of kills when u gank, qop isnt a stay at mid lane hero


                    yea as qop against tinker you wont mind losing cs

                    just make him leave the lane although you dont have any kill potential in lane unless he is very out of position (not in tower)

                    but u still lose bcuz nobody bothered the tinker farming in their jungle for the past 30 mins

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                      1v1 match up EZ4 TINKER .


                        No harbinger, I actually don't know who comes out on TOP in late game.


                          depends on the tinker player. If the tinker is building laser and march alone then theres a big chance tinker will win.
                          QoP is good at bullying heroes early game. but if you can prevent him and tell him to fuck off then qop just lost his purpose early game. but if a tinker maxed missile and laser then most likely you'll get fucked as raindrops can be a factor.

                          Always note that midlane is not about whos getting harassed. It's all about cs , denies and controlling rune now. bounty deny exp is just absurdly high