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General DiscussionI'm really bad at Dota. Come, laugh at me. I deserve it.

I'm really bad at Dota. Come, laugh at me. I deserve it. in General Discussion

    It's true. I'm a terrible player, stuck playing the same few heroes because I don't want to let my team down trying other ones out. Playing support at a low level as I've decided, if I'm terrible at the game, at least I can throw down some wards or buy a gem and help my team.

    I like playing. I don't get to play very often anymore. Having a child takes away your spare time...who knew?

    Anyway, come and abuse me to get things off your chest. I welcome your abuse. Use me like the filthy ass I am.

    Thanks for reading.


      ha ha ha .
      bye now


        Please don't dismiss me like that. It hurts. Abuse me. You know you wanna...





            نجمة دوتة

              nobody cares almost everyone is trash

              Juanito Platano

                damn...500 matches with Lich, even I would be this depressed


                  Its 2018, era of twitch and tons of high skill players replays to watch and learn about your role if you care enough you can work on it.

                  But since you have a family that saps your time and energy, why would you make a chore from your hobby? If you are concerned about quality of games its same thing until high divine and even there its not unusual to see tilt, first pick mid/carry, sure they have better skills but so do the opponents, their dota games are not fun, they are fast and stressful even smallest misplay can cost you the game. Why do you think we make smurfs?

                  Google Open AI -, 2.1.34

                    absolutely true^ @Harold

                    daryl from the hood

                      why you play lich


                        You can do it my dude I have a 9 year old and another baby on the way and still learn new stuff to improve on . We suck at dota but trying our best to win is what makes it fun .

                        I <3 SEA Crusaders

                          MFW dotabuff is so edgy they won't even flame a guy who's literally asking for it.

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                            hahahaha camping lol.

                            Tony Redgrave

                              Let me share a quick tutorial so you dont have to spend thousands of hours watching youtube and replays, most tutorials are for 3k+ mmr anyway.

                              Do 3 things right as a support, for starters (at least for 1k to 2k bracket this gets me out, much harder now at 3500)
                              1. Early game harass/pulling creep wave
                              - hurt enemy laners, constantly,
                              right click them, spend high damage spells on them, FROM A SAFE DISTANCE, (ex: ogre magi just spam ignite on them). DONT DIE. The goal is to not let them last hit, better yet, keep them away from exp of creep dying.
                              - be prepare to harass, buy 6 tango and give 2 to mid, eat a tango before trading blows, buy healing salve to save ur carry, and clarity for ur mana to harass with spells, dont use the courier, or walk back for shorter courier path, ur mid and offlaner need them more. (Buy orb of venom if you know their offlaner is super tanky like Tidehunter or Bristleback)
                              - Cut the enemy offlaner exp,
                              If ur carry doesnt keep creep wave near ur tower and the creep is pushing, IF there are 5 creeps still alive (4 is ok, if 3 stay on lane just try to deny them), double pull the next wave (pull to the small camp, then continue to big camp) and deny them on the big jungle creep.
                              (should you fail to do so, you'll end up giving extra exp for the enemy offlaner)

                              2. Rotation to save team/punish enemy
                              - Always have TP scroll, ALWAYS, buy them from side shop,
                              when you're doing tips no. 1 right and actually winning (enemy offlaner have to go home to heal/dead to your harass), look at other lane and see if your other lane is losing, if they're being ganked and still at half HP, OR an enemy ganker is dying, teleport right away, and spam damage on whoever's lowest HP.
                              If ur ganked team is 10% hp or lower, dont bother.
                              (only do this if you win the lane you support, higher skill brackets works differently)
                              (for easier early game, give 1 ward to each mid and offlaner, as offlaner heroes were designed to scale up well even 1 v 3 in the laning stage). (off lane can jungle if the entire lane is taken over or damage increases with more enemies like LC)

                              3. Map control,
                              - Always secure jungle for your carry to farm if losing on lane. ALWAYS BUY SENTRY, 1 set ward+sentry on enemy entrance point (river stairs), top and bottom jungle).
                              - If you're ganking or pushing lane beyond river, must bring 1 ward, 1 sentry, dust for detection, and TP scroll to go home. (minimum reqirement, higher skill bracket differs),
                              IF you got a tower and plans to push another lane, put ward+sentry between ur current lane and the next one.
                              - Spend more money on survival and map control if you're losing, dust+ward+sentry (this thing will destroy riki, slark and my favorite food, Shadow Fiend), force staff to push your carries out of stuns, or ghost sceptre for gankers like riki/clinkz. (I hate when a support forces aghanim when the map is dark).

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                                How the fuck are you so bad after almost 2000 games with a ranked 46% winrate meaning you actually became worse over time?

                                And you're playing boring heroes like lich and sucking at it in potato bracket. That could be a sign you have serious mental health issues or maybe your Wife wears the pants in the relationship.


                                  Man up and play some invoker


                                    I mean you want us to laugh at you, but I'm actually just downright disgusted. Even you've failed at that and I'm surprised you would be successful at anything in life.

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                                        Potato PC

                                          Just spam IO or heroes on current meta, all problem solved


                                            Play party with ur friend and its very fun not stressed but party only stack in 5k and ancient 5 only

                                            キャプテン KEEL

                                              Yooooooo swap lives bruh
                                              If I had a family and a child I wouldn't remember shit about dota and I wouldn't even care
                                              You're sad about being bad at something while having something way better and way more important
                                              Why would I abuse you when you're sad
                                              No one in this forum is good at dota "if you think of good as being a pro player"
                                              We all love you friend dont cry over the cream on the knife when you have the whole cake :D


                                                I'm bad at dota too, but still struggling till now