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General DiscussionThings to do in a practice lobby other than last hitting

Things to do in a practice lobby other than last hitting in General Discussion

    Suggestions plz


      get used to heroes you never play and their combos. kunnka x-mark + torrent + boat, invoker combos, disruptor glimpse into kinetic field and so on.

      maybe farming patterns

      i just use it to learn heros i normally dont play


        Yeah i used it to train my farming patterns on am, farming jungle camps without missing much lane creeps before 10 min mark, thx for the suggestion tho pretty helpful.. i can think of manta dodges as well but it aint ez to control 2 heroes nd manta in time


          micro obviously

          play with your hotkey configuration and see what works best

          see what heroes are able to jungle if the game goes really retard and you still want to win(for example you already picked a core and there is noone supporting)

          people think it is wrong to ever jungle, I say that is bullshit, it is wrong to afk jungle what is a complete different story



            jakiro but as a right cli...

              wait for you creep to get to ~50-60 hp, then aggro enemy melees before they hit it and deny it


                I Will Play a Hero on a few runs and even if their bots their lvls are fairly Static So ill gauge tem damages and Gank potential on mids by Attempting to Gank the "retards" and see what can go wrong. Of course they don't have the intelligence of another player but sometimes you can be prepared for basic responces and know what to do and what no to do.

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                  GOL DO BRASIL!!!!



                      Test ward and juke spots in trees with a quelling blade.

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                          practice pull and stack timing

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                            Whatever W33 does in his lab.


                              there is custom map in dota that can help to dodge skills

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                                    there is custom map in dota that can help to dodge skills

                                    Do u know its name?


                                      Thx for the replies gna try these stuff


                                        Creep blocking


                                          shift que 100 invoker meatballs in one spot and make a snake

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                                            Veno ward talent 30 axes

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                                              Btw moment of silence for all the axes killed everyday while we queue. #axelivesmatter